Family Farm Seaside: Achievements

Where can I see my Achievements?

Do you see the cute house placed just beside the dock? That’s your Achievement House.

Tap on it and you will open the Achievement panel. The higher your level the more Achievements will appear.

Number of Achievements

The number of Achievements displayed depend on your current level in the game. More Achievements will be unlocked as new features are included in the game.

Types of Achievements

There are 3 different types of Achievements.

  1. Production Achievements: These achievements are the easiest and only require you to produce a certain amount of a product. Selling the required product will not affect the achievement total.
  2. Expansion Achievements: These are quite hard to accomplish, but it will give you a nice bonus. These can only be completed if your farm is expanded as well. For expansions you are required to be at a certain level, have enough money and need the specific items specified in the expansion mission to be able to expand. Do not sell the items required for expansion before you have expanded.
  3. Neighbor Achievements: These are Achievements that require help from a certain number of players. To find more neighbors, check the Facebook fan page and the official forum. You can also add neighbours through the app by using a player’s farm ID. The more neighbors you have, the easier it is to accomplish goals and the more fun you will have playing the game.
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Completing the Achievements

Each Achievement has 5 steps. For the first few steps, you can get rewards such as OP, XP, coins and Gasoline. As you complete more steps, the more valuable the rewards will become. If you finish all 5 steps for an Achievement you will get FREE RC!

Collect rewards from an Achievement

If you have finished an Achievement, a big yellow arrow will appear above the house pointing down to it. If you see this arrow, you are about to receive amazing rewards!

Order of Achievements

Each time you log in to your farm or level up, the achievements with rewards that can be collected are shown at the top of the list. After this, the list is then ordered in descending order, with the achievements which are closest to being finished shown at the top.

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