Family Farm Seaside: Daily Orders (Order Board)

Once you have the Order Board on your farm, you will get a new daily order each day to try to complete. For each daily order task you complete, you will receive coins, a Blue Mystron and order points.

The more daily order tasks or entire daily orders you complete, the more points you will accumulate and the faster you will receive the rewards. Don’t worry if you miss an order, your accumulated points won’t disappear and there is always the next day’s order you can attempt to complete.

How to get the Order Board

You can get the Order Board by unlocking it on the Building Area located on the left side of your farm near the Gallery.

How the daily orders work

To find out what each day’s daily order is, tap on the order board on your farm. This will load the daily order panel.

The panel shows you the following information:

  1. This is the amount of time you have left to try to complete (some of) the daily order tasks
  2. The daily order tasks

Each task displays what item is required, has to be produced or has to be sold and also the number of points rewarded for completing the task. If you have completed a task, it will be marked as complete with a green tick.

Completing Daily Order and the Following Daily Order

Once you have complete all daily order tasks of a specific day, the following confirmation screen will appear.

You can check items needed for the next Daily Order by tapping on the Preview button. The time is displayed on the top of the panel is the time for the next Daily Order will arrive.

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Order Board rewards

To see what rewards you can get from completing the daily orders, tap on the “View Reward”¬†button¬†to the right of your progress bar and this will display the rewards panel. The amount of points required to get the next reward is shown to the left of the progress bar. In the example below, the next reward is 25 Watering Can and 250 more order points are required.

If you have already completed today’s daily orders, the rewards panel will be displayed by default.

OP Sheep/Power Sheep/Mystron Sheep/Bait Sheep/Gasoline Sheep

The special rewards you can get from completing the daily orders are 5 different types of sheep (cleanable decoration). After you complete the Order Board and get the Gasoline Sheep final reward, you will be able to continue completing orders, but you will only receive Blue Mystrons as a reward.

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