Family Farm Seaside: Daily Orders (Order Board)

Family Farm Seaside is a popular farming simulation game available on mobile devices. One of the main features of the game is Daily Orders, which are tasks that players can complete to earn rewards and progress through the game. In this guide, we will explain how to complete Daily Orders in Family Farm Seaside.

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Accessing Daily Orders

To access Daily Orders, tap on the bulletin board located next to your farm house. The board will show you a list of tasks to complete for that day.

Completing Daily Orders

Daily Orders consist of a variety of tasks such as planting crops, harvesting crops, feeding animals, and selling goods. Each order will have a specific goal to complete, such as harvesting a certain number of crops or producing a certain amount of a product. Completing the tasks will earn you rewards such as coins, experience points, and items.

Time Limits

Daily Orders have a time limit, usually 24 hours. This means that you need to complete the tasks before the time runs out in order to earn the rewards. If you don’t complete the tasks in time, they will expire and you won’t receive the rewards.

Priority Tasks

Some Daily Orders will have a “priority” tag on them. These tasks are usually more difficult or time-consuming, but they offer better rewards. It’s a good idea to prioritize these tasks if you have enough time to complete them.

Daily Login

Rewards In addition to completing Daily Orders, logging in to the game every day will also earn you rewards. These rewards include coins, experience points, and special items. Be sure to log in every day to claim your rewards.

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Special Events

Family Farm Seaside often features special events that offer unique Daily Orders and rewards. Keep an eye out for these events and participate in them to earn even more rewards.

By completing Daily Orders, you can earn valuable rewards that will help you progress through the game. With a little planning and time management, you can easily complete the tasks and reap the benefits.

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