Family Farm Seaside: Exotic Store Shelves & Items

Alexander, the owner of the Exotic Store needs a certain amount of Gems to refresh his store stock everyday. Leveling up the Community will provide players more shelves in the Exotic Store, but it will also increase the refresh fee. Currently the Community can unlock a maximum of 6 shelves in the Exotic Store. 2 shelves are available for new Communities by default. The 3rd shelf is unlocked after reaching level 2, the 4th one after reaching level 3, the 5th one is unlocked for level 4 Communities, the 6th one is unlocked for level 5 communities.

The goods the player can buy in the Exotic Store depend on how many shelves the Community has unlocked. Please note that additional shelves are only able to be unlocked by the Leader or the Vice Leader.

  • 1st & 2nd shelves: Lucky Reward Package and Pet Food Package
  • 3rd shelf: Cattail Seed Bag and Cherry Tomato Seed Bag
  • 4th shelf: Monkey Puzzle and Elephant Puzzle
  • 5th shelf: Pottery Wheel Puzzle and Coconut Jelly Machine Puzzle
  • 6th shelf: Chocolate Corgi Card

Cattail Seed Bag (For Seaside farm) and Cherry Tomato Seed Bag (For Island farm) contain Cattail Seed and Cherry Tomato Seed which can be planted on plots. Cattail will be used to feed Elephants to produce Clay. Tomato will be used to feed Golden Monkey to produce Young Coconut.

Monkey Puzzle and Elephant Puzzle can be collected and merged in the Factory to get Golden Monkey and Elephant (5 pieces in each).

Pottery Wheel Puzzle and Coconut Jelly Machine Puzzle work the same way as Monkey Puzzle and Elephant Puzzle, but players need to collect 10 pieces of each to merge them into one item. Pottery Wheel can produce Pots. Coconut Jelly Machine can produce Coconut Jellies.

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Chocolate Corgi Cards can be exchanged with Choco Corgi (50 pieces in each). After using the cards from player’s gift box, the cards will be placed in the Pet House until players exchange the cards with Choco Corgi in the same way as normal Pet Cards.

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  1. Where is the Exotic Store? I cannot find it.

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