Family Farm Seaside: Fishing

Note: the fishing feature will be unlocked on level 22. Did you finish all your farm tasks and do you want to relax a bit? Go fishing, for the real seaside experience! You can find the fishing pier at the side of your farm. Tap on the fishing pier to try out your fishing skills!

After you tap on the fishing pier, the game will load the fishing feature. It will look like the picture shown below.

Here’s a short introduction to the different buttons in this picture.

  1. This is the amount of bait you have. To add more bait, simply tap on the plus sign. A panel will pop-up where you can trade in your barn products for bait. For each barn product, a number will be displayed to indicate how much bait you will receive. You can have a maximum of 999 bait.
  2. This icon shows the rod you’re currently using. To change the rod, simply tap on this icon. There are 3 different types of rods. The more expensive the rod, the better the quality and the easier it is to catch fish.
  3. This icon shows the hook you’re currently using. To change the hook, simply tap on this icon. There are 4 different types of hooks, each consuming different amounts of bait and also catching different types of fish. Note that the Colorful Hook consumes 1 RC each time you fish with it, it doesn’t consume bait.
  4. This is your fishing book. Tapping on it will open a book where you can see what kinds of fish live in the fishing pier and which hook you need to catch it. An example is shown below. Note the stars shown for each fish. You get stars for the number of fish you’ve caught of this type, the amount of taps you needed to catch the fish, and the biggest specimen you’ve caught of this type of fish.
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On the right side of the fishing screen you will see icons that look like fish. These are your fishing chances. By default all players will have 7 fishing chances, which will replenish by 1 fishing chance for every 10 minutes.

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