Family Farm Seaside: Guest Center 2 – Farmers’ Fair

Play together with other farmers from all over the world! In the Farmers’ Fair you Team together with other farmers and let your Pets work together at the Farmers’ Fair to earn Pet Cards! The Farmers’ Fair is unlocked once you have unlocked all of the 1-star areas in Mootopia (in the Guest Center) and it can be access by clicking on the Hot Air Balloon besides the Gallery.

How can I participate in the Farmers’ Fair?

You can participate in the Farmers’ Fair by creating a new Team or by joining a Team. Once your Team has started, together you will work towards a coin goal by using your Pets to bargain with the available Guests, and once you finish, you can claim rewards.

Creating your own Team

When you create your own Team, you will automatically be Team Leader. To start your Team, you will need to prepare. During preparation, you will be able to choose the difficulty level of the Farmers’ Fair challenge (1, 2 and 3 stars). The harder the difficulty, the better the rewards. You can check which reward you will have a chance to get from this panel.

After that, you will need to load up products worth the set coins value and use 1 Key to start the Farmers’ Fair challenge. If you choose to cancel the Farmers’ Fair challenge in the middle of loading up, the products and the Key will be returned to you.

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Note: the products shown will be chosen randomly by system and might change weekly

After tapping on Start, you will have a limited time to choose your teammates.

1. If you tap on the ‘+’ as shown above, you will be able to invite your neighbors or buddies to Team up with you. Please note that if your neighbor’s icon is greyed out, it means that your neighbor has not unlocked the Farmers’ Fair yet.

2. You can also tap on Auto Find feature to choose random farmers to be added to your Team

3. Min. level is used to determined the minimum level of the Pet that can be added to your Team. The higher the level of the Pet then the better the Stamina and Selling Ability!

4. Don’t forget to check ‘Application’ as some farmers might have applied to join your Team!

Once your Team is complete, tap on ‘Start’ to begin the Farmers’ Fair challenge.

As a Team Leader, you must assign which Pet bargains with which guest by tapping on the guest and matching them to a Pet. As the Pets bargain with the guests, they complete orders which gain coins. Once the Coins Goal is reached, the Farmers’ Fair challenge is finished and everyone can choose their reward.


  • As a Team Leader, you need to monitor the Stamina levels of all of the Pets. When a Pet has no Stamina, it won’t bargain anymore with the guest it is matched with. You must use your Pet Food on your own Pet and on the other Pets to replenish their Stamina. If you run out of Pet Food you can purchase more.
  • Watch out for the time on the top of the coins goal. When the countdown reaches 0, guests will be changed and the Team Leader will need re-assign Pets to guests again.
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Joining a Team

When you tap on Join a Team, you will be given a list of all the available Teams and you can choose which Team you want to apply to join. You can also use the Auto Find option to automatically search for available Teams.

Farmers’ Fair Reward

After completing the Farmers’ Fair challenge, Team Members can open one box and have a chance to claim consumables. If they are lucky, they will receive a Pet Card. Team Leaders will receive a higher star level key and, if they successfully complete the challenge, the ability to open two of these boxes!


  1. The Team Leader can open 2 out of 5 boxes if they successfully complete the challenge
  2. If Team Members are lucky, they will get a chance to open more boxes on the first 3 Farmers’ Fairs they join in a week (this will be reset every Monday at UTC 0)

How to get Keys to start the Farmers’ Fair challenge

The Key for 1-star difficulty Farmers’ Fair challenges will refresh every 7 days.

To get a Key for the 2-star difficulty Farmers’ Fair challenge, you will need to be a Team Leader and complete a 1-star difficulty Farmers’ Fair challenge. To get a Key for the 3-star difficulty Farmers’ Fair challenge, you will need to be a Team Leader and complete a 2-star difficulty Farmers’ Fair challenge.

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