Family Farm Seaside: Upgrader

There are several types of Upgraders in the game, which will be made available when you reach different levels. They can be purchased from the Machines and Animals tabs under the Upgrader tab. By placing the Machine/Animal on the Upgrader, it will be able to produce more products and also new products depending on the Gadgets that are placed on the Upgrader. Gadgets for the Upgrader can be purchased directly from the upgrader panel when clicking on the magnifying glass icon. You can store Gadgets in the Warehouse under the “Gadget” tab.

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How to Check the Summary of an Upgrader

Tap on the yellow arrow icon and select the ‘Upgrade’ icon for checking the status of your Upgraders. Here you can check the level and upgrade requirements of each Upgrader, as well as which gadgets can be placed.

Which Gadgets can I place on the Upgrader?

Tap on the yellow arrow icon and select the ‘Upgrade’ icon . You will see the magnifying glass icon . You’ll now see a list with all the Gadgets you can place on this specific Upgrader. You can tap on the Gadgets in the list to easily place the Gadgets on or remove them from the Upgrader. Don’t forget to ‘Save’ your changes.

Note: When storing Upgrader Gadgets they will go to the ‘Gadget’ tab in Warehouse.

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