Family Farm Seaside: Daily login bonus

Each day when you login to Family Farm Seaside, you will get a special reward called the daily bonus! Try to keep logging in on consecutive days in order to create a longer log in chain. Because on every fifth consecutive day you log in, you will be rewarded with a special reward and this reward becomes bigger when your log in chain gets longer! However, if you log in for more than 20 days continuously, the size of the special rewards will remain the same thereafter.

On day 1, 2, 3 and 4 you will receive 100, 150, 200 and 250 coins respectively. The fifth day will give you a special reward. After day 5, this succession of rewards is repeated again. The special reward will be randomly picked from one of the following items.

  • Gasoline
  • Fertilizer
  • OP
  • RC

The hardest reward to get is the free RC, as everybody loves FREE RC! Good luck!

What can I do with the items I have received?

Gasoline: This is used for the cropinator which can seed all empty plots, harvest all ripe crops on your farm or pluck all the ripe fruits from your trees with just 1 tap on your screen.
Fertilizer: Organic Fertilizer can decrease your crops’ original growing time by 25%.
OP: You can use OP to instantly produce a product in a machine or animal with one touch or keep your machines running automatically to keep producing.
RC: RC allows you to buy special items in the game or to skip missions.

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What happens if I don’t log in for 1 day?

If you miss one day, you will start your daily bonus again from day 1! So make sure to log in every day to maintain your log in chain.

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