Family Farm Seaside: Animal Hospital

The Animal Hospital in Family Farm Seaside is located on the Island farm and will be unlocked after you’ve reached level 40. You can open the Animal Hospital by tapping the building next to the boat on the Island farm. Once the Animal Hospital is unlocked, you will occasionally see injured animals appear in the sea. After you have fed and rescued them, you can choose to send the animals away, send them to your neighbors, or add them to your hospital. You can unlock more slots to rescue more injured animals in your hospital!

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Send away:

The animal will be immediately sent back to nature and you’ll get some rewards.

Send to neighbor:

You can choose to send the animal to your neighbor if there is no room in your hospital, after sending your neighbor a request, you can claim gifts. Your neighbor will receive a message in the Hospital Message Box and if he/she chooses to rescue the animal, you can get extra rewards.

Take Home:

Add the animal into your Hospital and take good care of it by feeding and healing it to increase the animal recovery level. The max recovery level is 8.

You can release the animal at any time and the higher the recovery level is, the better reward you can get. Once the rescued animal reaches level 8, it cannot be leveled up anymore. You can get rewards if you continue feeding the animal.

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How to release an animal?

Tap the information board of an animal to open the animal information panel. Here you can check the basic information of the animal, rename it, and share the animal information to your Newsfeed page and Community chat. Click on the ‘Release’ button to send the animal back into nature (note that you’ll lose it forever after this action).

You’ll get a certification from the Seaside Animal Protection Association. Choose one of the Mystrons packages as your reward. Click on the Certification icon to check your release log. Share with your neighbors to show everyone you love your animals!

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