Family Farm Seaside: Paths and Landscape Points

Paths are a great way to improve the look of your farm. Since Family Farm Seaside 4.0, we have improved paths. Now pets and guests can walk on your paths to explore your farm.

To access Paths, tap on the and . You can use this tool to see all your paths and to place new ones on your farm. Some paths will be available for free, while others cost coins or RC. Tap on the ‘i’ icon to check the price of any path.

Both the Pet House and the Guest Center need to be placed next to a path in order for the Pets and Guests to start walking around. The other main use of paths is to earn Landscape Points.

Landscape Points

Landscape Points have a few uses. If you have more Landscape Points, then your pet will be able to dig up more chests per day. Your Guests will also stay happy for longer during their visit to your farm.

Landscape Points can be obtained by placing decorations near to paths and ponds. Each square of path/pond has a maximum limit of points they can give. You can check this limit from the path/pond panel.

After placing a decoration beside the path, your farm will gain some Landscape Points.

The screenshots above show the amount of your Landscape Points before and after placing a decoration. After this decoration was placed, the Landscape Points increased from 0+0 to 3+0.

From now on, paths can’t be sold from your farm. But now you can store an unlimited amount of paths! If you want to change the path you have, simply tap on the yellow arrow icon and then the Plot/Path icon and then tap on the store icon   to put away the path or pond that you don’t want to use.

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