Are you ready to invite a new companion in to your heart? Get started by placing the Pet House on your farm. It should be placed right next to a path. The Pet House can be purchased from the Seaside Store, under the ‘Buildings’ tab (you must be level 10Continue Reading

Create more space on your farm by storing trees in the Tree Nursery!  You can use it to store your trees and to tend to them so that they will keep producing fruits. The Tree Nursery will be unlocked at level 35 and is available for purchase on the SeasideContinue Reading

There are several types of Upgraders in the game, which will be made available when you reach different levels. They can be purchased from the Machines and Animals tabs under the Upgrader tab. By placing the Machine/Animal on the Upgrader, it will be able to produce more products and alsoContinue Reading

Have you already reached level 23? Now you can unlock Darryl’s House right next to the building area. You can decorate Darryl’s House any way you want! Darryl can talk, give you game tips and interact with furniture. He will even give you gifts every day! How does Darryl’s HouseContinue Reading

Once your Community reaches level 2, the Community Town Office will be unlocked. The Town Office provides Community Boosts which are helpful for your Seaside, Island and Sea Resort farms. Current boost list: Fisherman (Increase the Seafood House rare item drop rate) Explorer (Increase Volcano power production) Designer (Have chanceContinue Reading