Family Farm Seaside: Pet Breeding Room

Your Pet is waiting to be bred! Find a soulmate for your Pet and breed them successfully for a new Baby Pet OR Pet Skill Book(s)! Things to note before breeding: After breeding, the Pet parents will go traveling together and will never return to your farm. They will be replaced by either Skill Book(s) or a new Baby Pet. You can choose if you would prefer to receive Skill Book(s) or a new Baby Pet.

What are the requirements for breeding?

You can find the Breeding Room from the third tab in the Pet House. Only Pets which are not in the Pet House slot (which means you can send them outside the Pet House to your farm), and therefore only Pets in your Pet Column, can be added to the Breeding Room. Pets need to be level 20 or higher.

How to Breed Pets?

1. You can choose a Pet who you want breed by tapping on the pink ‘+’ icon in the Pet Breeding Room.

2. Afterwards, you will be given a list of all the Pets you can add to the Breeding Room to look for a breeding partner. Select the Pet that you want to Breed and click ‘OK’.

3. Your Pet will then be placed in the Breeding Room.

Note: There will be a 24 hours timer for your Pet in the Breeding Room. This timer displays the time that your Pet will be advertised on the World Pet List. Once the timer ends, you can renew it again or change Pets.

4. Go to the World Pet List to check the potential breeding partners for your Pet. You can choose from either your neighbor’s Pets or global players’ Pets.

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5. You can tap on the yellow round icon located on the top left corner of Pet icon to get a preview of the options you might receive from breeding, so here you can view the potential Skill Book(s) you can receive from the breeding or the potential statistics of the new Baby Pet.

6. Once you find the best partner for your Pet, send an invitation to the Pet’s owner to breed their Pet with yours by clicking on ‘Invite’.

Note: When you send your invitation to the other Pet’s owner, you can choose which reward you want after your Pet has been bred. You have a choice of either Skill Book(s) or a new Baby Pet.

Tip: If you find a Pet that you really want to breed with yours, you can offer some TC to the Pet owner so that they are more likely to accept your invitation to breed their Pet with yours!

7. Check your invitation statuses on the last tab of the Breeding Room panel. If the Pet owner whom you sent an invitation to didn’t accept your invitation or if the invitation expired, your TC will be returned back to you.

What happens after the Pet is successfully bred?

You will get a notification stating that your breeding is successful. Go to the Breeding Room and tap on the Gift Box in the Pet bed to see what you received.


  • If you chose to get Skill Book(s), it will be added to your Lab Storehouse after you claim your reward
  • If you don’t have space in your Lab Storehouse, the Skill Book(s) can’t be claimed from the Breeding Room until you have space
  • If you chose to get a new Baby Pet, your new Baby Pet will be added directly to your Pet Columns
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How to remove or replace a Pet from the Breeding Room?

To remove or replace a Pet from the Breeding Room, tap on the Pet you have placed in the Breeding Room and you will see the panel shown as below:

Note: Removing or replacing any Pets will automatically make the invitations you have sent invalid.

How to use a Skill Book?

To add a Skill Book to your Pet, go to your Pet House. Tap on the second tab on the left side. Pick the Pet that you want to add the Skill Book to.

Tap the Skill Book icon and a new panel will appear.

Tap on ‘Learn’ to let your Pet learn the Skill Book.

Note: You can only add a Skill Book when your Pet has empty Skill Slots.

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