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BBQ Machine

A new BBQ Machine has arrived on the Island Farm! (Above level 28)

Get the new BBQ Machine in the Island Farm Store under the Machines tab, and complete it with materials available from the Boat Ticket Store (Mystery Store). The materials you can find in the Boat Ticket Store are related to your Boat Level:

– Seasoning Plate: Get this item from the Boat Ticket Store once you reached Wharf Level 6.

– Basket: Get this item from the Boat Ticket Store once you reached Wharf Level 7.

– Marinade Bowl: Get this item from the Boat Ticket Store once you reached Wharf Level 8.

– Brush: Get this item from the Boat Ticket Store once you reached Wharf Level 9.


Find your very own boat on the Island Farm and help each other complete Boat Orders. Each fulfilled order will give you Coins and Boat Tickets as a reward.

How to load your boat?

1. Tap on either your Boat or this to open the Boat Panel where you will find the Boat Orders. By tapping on a box, the order and rewards will be shown on the right side of the panel. Press the green “Load” button to load the items into the box.

2. Load the first box yourself and then send it out to the sea by tapping this icon on the bottom-right corner of the panel. Your boat is now sailing in the sea, waiting for other farmers to call it and load the goods on it.

3. Your Boat will return automatically when all goods are loaded. You can also choose to call your Boat back and tapping . If the Boat is still at another player’s wharf, you can’t call it back.

How to call other boats?

Call for other farmers’ boats to trade your own goods for coins and Boat Tickets.On the wharf you have two types of whistles. The numbers on the whistles indicate how many boats you can call. For example, if you have 4/12 whistles, you can call 4 Boats. After calling a boat, the number will decrease to 3/12 whistles.

The Brown Whistle is used to call for boats, the boat that arrives is chosen randomly. You will get 4 new Brown Whistles every day, but the maximum Brown Whistles you can store is 12.

The Blue Whistle is used to call a buddies’ boat. You will get 1 new Blue whistle every day, but the maximum Blue Whistles you can store is 3. Please note that your buddy needs to send their Boat out to the sea first before you can select and call their boat.

Once a boat has arrived on your wharf, tap the boat and start loading an order. The more orders you finish, the more rewards you can get! Tap on the “i” in the Boat Panel to see the rewards.

Trade Center

Send your loaded Boat to the Trade Center to earn Boat Tickets. To send your Boat there, open your Boat Panel and tap the button below “Send to Trade Center”. Your goods will be traded for Boat Tickets which you can use to upgrade and refit the boat. Unfinished orders will be canceled after you send it to the Trade Center.

Upgrade and Refit your boat

Upgrade and personalize your boat! Start by tapping on the upper part of the boat center as you can see in the picture above. Three icons will appear.

The blue arrow icon will open the upgrade panel where you can see materials needed to upgrade the boat level.

Tap on the purple shirt icon to refit your boat. The higher your boat level, the more boat parts you can unlock (see picture below). You will not only be able to change the separate boat parts, you can even decorate each part with certain boat items.

These items you can buy in the Mystery Store under Boat Ticket tab. In this store you will only see the items from the parts you have already unlocked.

The last icon, the Globe icon is for special time limited world events. In these events, farmers from all over the world will work together to achieve a common goal. This function is not available at the moment.

Note: You can’t refit or upgrade your boat while it’s not at your wharf.

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Mastery Points

All machines on the Island Farm can be upgraded with Mastery points. Mastery points are indicated by blue stars on each machine. The more stars you obtain, the more items you unlock. Tapping any machine on the Island farm will display a pop-up screen with the number of blue stars you currently have (see image below):

Every time you create a product with a particular machine on the Island Farm, you will get Mastery points. These Mastery points will only be counted for the same type of machine. For example, if you need to produce Wool Cloth with the Loom, the Mastery points you get from producing it will only count for all the Looms you have on the Island Farm.

If you want to know how many points you need to unlock the next Mastery level, tap the question button next to the blue stars (see image below):

Then you will see how many points you need for the next star, as shown below:

How to see both Seaside and Island Farm Missions?

If you want to see both Seaside and Island Farm missions, simply tap on the “!” icon located in the top left corner of your game screen.

After that a new pop-up window will appear and it will show you the progress of either Seaside or Island Farm’s mission that you’re currently on. You can choose which Farm’s mission you want to see by tapping on the top left corner of the window.

Note: This function works on both Seaside and Island Farm.

How to unlock the Island Farm ?

1. Starting from level 28, the player will be able to access the Island Farm

2. To unlock the Island Farm, you will need to complete the puzzle quest. This puzzle quest can be accessed by tapping on the small Island in the sea or on the Island icon on the top of your screen (between the inbox icon and consumable tab).

3. There are 6 puzzle quests that you will have to finish, for more information tap the ‘?’ icon. The 6 quests can be started simultaneously, in any order.

When you have finished the Island Farm Trip 1 you will see the following:

4. After finishing all the puzzle quests your Island Farm will be unlocked.

5.You will see the following screen after unlocking:

Click on the Island and you can start you adventure there!


There are new buildings available on the Island farm- Hardware Store, Sawmill, Workshop and Glass Factory.

Hardware Store

The Hardware Store can be purchased from the Island farm Store under the Building tab. It can be used to craft materials needed to complete machines on the Island farm.

Please note that the price of the Hardware Store will increase with every purchase and you can have a maximum of 4 Hardware Stores on your Island farm.


The Sawmill can be purchased from the Island farm Store under the Building tab. It can process Wood from Wood Trees to create Wood Products.

Please note that the price of the Sawmill will increase with every purchase and you can have a maximum of 4 Sawmills on your Island farm.


The Workshop will be available for free once you have expanded your Island farm to plot 6. In the workshop, you can craft items using the products you make in the Sawmill or in the Machines.

Please note that you can only have a total of one Workshop on your farm.

Glass Factory


The Glass Factory can be purchased from the Island farm Store under the Building tab. It can process materials you find from the Mine.

Please note that the price of the Glass Factory will increase with every purchase and you can have a maximum of 2 Glass Factories on your Island farm.

How to use the Buildings?

To use the buildings, tap on the building. You will be able to see the items that you can craft on the left side of the screen. The objects on the right side of the screen are the materials needed to craft the item.

For more information, you can tap on the ‘?’ icon which is available on all buildings.

How to switch between both farms?

To switch between Seaside Farm and Island farm, you can simply tap the icon located on the left side of the Inbox. Depending on which farm you’re located in, the icon will be different. When you tap on the icon, it will bring you to the other farm.

The left icon is for Seaside Farm and the right icon is for Island Farm:


If you’re on Seaside farm, you will see the icon on right side beside the Inbox icon. If you’re on the Island farm, you will see the icon on the left side.

Different Warehouse

There are two different Warehouses on Family Farm Seaside- one on the Seaside Farm and one on the Island Farm.

Both Warehouses can be used to store items such as Animals, Machines, Decorations, Buildings and Collectable items but the Seaside Warehouse can only store Seaside Farm items and Island Warehouse can only store Island Farm items.

Here is what the Warehouse looks like on the Seaside Farm (left) and on the Island Farm (right)


The Seaside Warehouse can be bought in the Seaside Store from Level 12.

The Island Warehouse is unlocked when you unlock Plot 10.

Both warehouses can be leveled up to store more items!

Dev Points

What are Dev Points?

Dev Points are needed to unlock items on the island, such as Machines or Trees in the store.

How many Dev Points do I have?

To find out how many Dev Points you have, tap on your purple Level Star at the top, and it will display your Dev Points.

How do I get Dev Points?

You can collect Dev Points on the Island Farm by completing helicopter orders (see FAQ: Helicopter Orders) and certain missions on the Island Farm.

First tap on the Helicopter. Choose an Order and produce all the needed items. Once you have all the needed items, they will be colored. Tap in the middle between the two items and hold and drag the items to the helicopter. (Tap the ‘?’ on the top of the panel to see the tutorial).

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The helicopter will take all the products and deliver them.

When your helicopter comes back, you’ll see a small icon above the helicopter – here are the Dev Points. Tap the icon to collect the points and rewards.

Why don’t I get Dev Points from Helicopter Orders anymore?

You start with a maximum limit of 5000 Dev Points on your Island Farm. Once you have reached the limit of 5000, you will get Helicopter Bags instead of Dev Points by completing Helicopter Orders.
The limit can be increased by building Landmark Decorations from Decorations -> Landmarks in the Island Farm Store. Each decoration can be purchased multiple times but it will only increase the maximum Dev Point limit the first time you build it.
Please note: Landmark Decorations do not give any Dev Points, but only increase the maximum Dev Point limit. After increasing the limit, you can continue to gain Dev Points from Helicopter Orders.


We now have two kinds of trees on the Island Farm- Fruit Tree and Wood Tree.

How do I get them?

There are two ways to get the trees. One is to unlock the plots on the Island to get the trees on those plots. The other way is buy them in the store.


Go into the store on the island and check the Trees tab.

The amount of trees you can have on the island are limited. For example, you can only have 5 Morus Trees on your Farm. The pricing will change for each tree (depending on how many you have).

You need Dev points (from helicopter orders) to unlock some of the trees. (See FAQ: [Island] Dev Points)

You can get fruits from the Fruit Trees, and then use the fruits to produce other products in the machines.

From the Wood Tree, you can collect Wood. Use a Crosscut Saw (Craft in Hardware, chop 1 Wood per time) or an Electric Saw (click to buy with RC, chop 2 pieces of Woods per time) to collect it.

You can see “10/10” under the name of a Wood tree (when you tap it), this means you can only collect 10 pieces of Wood from it. After 10 times of collecting, the Tree will disappear.

When one Wood tree disappears, you can buy another one in the store. If you have reached the limit, you won’t be able to buy any of that tree from the store. For example, if you already have 7 Oak Trees (reached the limit) on your Farm, no more Oak Trees can be bought.

Then you have collected 10 pieces of Wood from one tree, it will then disappear. At this point you can buy a new Tree.

You can use the Wood to produce other products in the Sawmill and Workshop. (See FAQ: [Island] Buildings)


We have introduced a lot of new machines for the Island Farm. Below you will find an overview:

How to get machines

There are two ways to get machines. One way is to unlock new plots where the machines on these plots will then be unlocked as well. Another way is to buy machines in the Island Farm shop.

Go to the Island Farm Shop and select Machines:

For some machines you will need to earn Dev points to unlock them. For more information on Dev points, see FAQ “[Island] How to get Dev points”.

In the image above you’ll also see that you can only have a total of four of each machine on the Island Farm. If you purchased four Hat Machines for instance, you won’t be able to buy another one.

The more machines you have of a certain type, the more expensive it will get for the subsequent machine of that same type.

How to complete a machine?

If you tap on an incomplete machine, you can see the materials you need to finish it. Some items can be asked from neighbors, while others you will need to craft yourself. Tap on the “Craft” button and it will take you there.

If you collected the material, go back to your machine. You will see a barn icon next to the material. See below:

Tap the icon and you will see the next pop-up screen:

Tap the OK button and the material will be added to the machine. The barn icon will then disappear. If you collected all the material, you can add these to the machine and use it.

How to use the machines on the Island Farm?

The machines on the Island Farm work quite similarly. Here is an example with the Flavored Bread Machine.

Tap on the machine on the Farm and you will see the following display:

You can slide to the left and right to choose the product that you want to make. Tap the “?” button if you want to see basic information on a product. See below:

As you can see, you will need Mastery points to get stars for the machines on the Island Farm. Use a machine to create a product and you will get Mastery points for that machine. If you get enough Mastery points, you will get a Star.

You will need enough stars to unlock more products for your machine. Different products require different amounts of stars in order to be unlocked. Check the following images:

Tap and hold a product to see more information about it.


You can see the Volcano when you open up Plot 12, which currently the largest expansion on the Island Farm.

The Volcano produces 4-6 Power every 3 hours, which can be used in the Kitchen to produce dishes on the Seaside Farm or used in the WorkShop on the Island Farm.

For more information about the Kitchen, please read FAQ, ‘Kitchen’. For information on the Workshop, please read FAQ, ‘[Island] Buildings’

You will be able to see the Power (Flame) above the Volcano when Power is ready to collect.

Landmark Decoration

Landmark Decorations are the decorations on the Island Farm that you can purchase from the Store to increase the limit of Dev Points you can have on the Island farm.

Decorations that are Landmark Decorations will have this icon beside it.

Note: Landmark Decorations will not increase your Dev Points, only your Dev Points limit

Bamboo Basket

Bamboo Baskets are produced by the Panda on the Island Farm. A Panda can be bought from the Store under the category, ‘Animals’. After placing it on your Island Farm, feed it with Bamboo Shoots and it will produce Bamboo Baskets.

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The Mine can be found on the Island. When you unlock it, you can find valuable raw materials that can be used to make other products, e.g. Copper Ingot and Gold Ingot. Which raw materials you find depends on the selected explosive.

Usage: Tap the mine if the bar has above 1% capacity. To set off the explosives in the mine, drag the explosive material that you want to use to the place holder slots or invite a neighbor for help by pressing the neighbor button next to the place holder slot, and then press press Boom.

Each explosive shows how much % of capacity it needs to be able to be used!

After setting off the explosions you will be able to collect the materials. At the bottom of the mine you will see a loading bar that indicates the state of the Mine.

If it is zero you will need to wait until it is recharged before you can explode it again. The different explosives have different effect on the mine: the heavier the explosive the longer it takes before the mine is recharged again.

Register Island item in Gallery

To register items on the Island Farm, you have to go to the Island Farm first and press the yellow arrow.

Above the yellow arrow, you will see the Gallery icon appear. Tap on the Gallery icon and then you can tap the item you want to register.

Another way to access the Gallery while on the Island farm is by tapping the ‘Menu’ button and then tapping Gallery.

How to unlock and upgrade the Sea Resort?

Welcome to the Sea Resort! The Sea Resort can be unlocked when you have 1,000 Dev points or more.

How to unlock?

If you have unlocked the Island Farm and have 1,000 Dev points or more, go to the bottom part of the Island farm and tap on the Seaplane. You’ll see the requirements for building it. After you complete all the requirements, you will be able to unlock the new Sea Resort!

2. What are Resort Points?

Resort Points are needed to upgrade your Sea Resort. The higher the level of your Sea Resort is, the more products and Resort Themes will be unlocked. (Tap on the Resort to check out the Themes).

You can collect Resort Points by completing orders in Sea Resort buildings: Ocean Café, Beach Souvenir Shop, Tropical Spa House. For further information about the business buildings, please refer to ‘How do orders work in the Sea Resort?’ FAQ.

How do orders work in the Sea Resort?

There are 3 buildings which give orders in the Sea Resort. They are Ocean Café, Beach Souvenir Shop and Tropical Spa House.

The buildings will be available when you unlock specific plots in the Sea Resort.

How to complete orders?

Each order requires you to add 1 product to the Showcase. You need to wait until the cooldown timer runs out and then the Resort guests will take the products. You can also skip the cooldown using TC.

How to upgrade the Showcase?

When you complete a certain amount of orders, a new Showcase will be unlocked. If you want to sell more products in one Showcase at the same time, you can tap the green arrow icon on the left side of the business building: to upgrade your current Showcase and get more shelves. More shelves will allow you to put more items on sale at the same time!

Fishing College

Fishing College will be unlocked automatically when you unlock the 8th plot of the Sea Resort. After unlocking Fishing College, you can Net Fish in the Fishery!

What are Fishery Skills?

In Fishing College, there are 3 Fishery Skills – Nutritional Feed, Attractive Bait, and Alluring Net. The higher the level of Fishery Skills, the more your fishing ability will be upgraded.

Nutritional Feed: Upgrading your Nutritional Feed skills will increase the amount of fish that are harvestable each day and the additional harvest percentage during the first harvest.

Attractive Bait: This skill will help you to unlock boost (only harvest the specific type of fish, once) when netting fish.

Alluring Net: This skill will help you to increase the amount of fish harvested every time.

Net fishing

After you unlock the Fishing college, your Fishing Pier will change to the Fishery and now you can use Fish Nets to fish. You can enter the Fishery from both the Fishing College and the Seaside Farm.

1) Fish Harvested: There is a limited amount of fish that can be harvested daily.

2) New Season: Season will start at 0:00 UTC, harvestable amount will be refreshed.

3) You can exchange either Rod or Net to start fishing. Fishing Net will unlock according to the Fishing Rods you own.

4) Fishing Net/Fishing Rod: Depending on your Fishing Net, the amount of fish you can harvest and the time that it takes to harvest will be different. Also the better the Fishing Rod you use, the easier it will be for you to catch fish!

5) Net Float/Fish Hook: The type of fish you catch will be determined by the Float or Hook that you use. (Net Float is unlocked automatically)


– Bait limit will increase by 10 times after the Fishing College is unlocked.

– More fish can be harvested in the first harvest once the new season has been refreshed.


Already unlocked the Sea Resort? Now you can boost your Sea Resort by inviting visitors to it!

How to invite visitors to my Resort?

You can invite your neighbors and guests as visitors to your Sea Resort by tapping the Seaplane on your Island Farm.

There are 2 different types of seats on the Seaplane, Economy Class and First Class. Economy Class is for guests and First Class is for your neighbors. After you’ve tapped ‘Invite’ on the plane, the request will be sent to the chat and your neighbor can then ‘accept’ your request. Finally, go to My Posts and tap Claim to add the visitor to the Seaplane.

Where to get the attraction?

You can purchase attractions from the Resort Store -> Building for coins and RC. There are 2 different types of attractions, normal attractions and special attractions. Normal attractions give you extra Resort Points and special attractions such as the Sea Volcano give you consumable items.

How to arrange visitors on the Sea Resort?

Once you’ve got your visitors to your Sea Resort, you can place them in each building. Please note that each attraction has different effects.

Sea Volcano: After placing a visitor here, you will receive 2 Power when the timer ends.

Paraglider: After placing a visitor here, you will get extra Resort Points at the Ocean Cafe.

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