Family Farm Seaside: Warehouse

There are three parts to the Warehouse:

– Warehouse tab, where you can store your unused machine, animals

– Decoration Tab

– Gadget tab, where you can store all your Upgrader Gadgets.

The Decoration tab can only be used to store your decorations. When it’s full, you will be able to store other decorations under the Warehouse tab. However, you won’t be able to store the Warehouse tab items under the Decoration tab. You will also be able to upgrade the Decoration tab to increase the storage capacity.

How do I add items to the Warehouse?

To add items to your Warehouse, tap on the yellow arrow at the bottom right of the screen and then tap on the Storage icon circled in red below. Tap on an item on your farm to move it to your Warehouse.

How do I move items from the Warehouse back to my farm?

To move an item from your Warehouse back to your farm, tap on your Warehouse. You will see a ‘Use’ button below the item’s icon, tap on it and you will be able to place the item back on your farm.

I can’t move items to my Warehouse

If you are unable to move an item to your warehouse, please check the following before contacting support.

  1. You are trying to store a machine that still contains ingredients. Use all the ingredients currently added to the machine and then take out the end products once they are ready. When the machine has stopped running, you will be able to move the machine to your warehouse.
  2. You are trying to store an animal that still has some food left or you have not collected all its end products. Once all the food has been eaten, collect all the end products and you will be able to move it to your warehouse.
  3. Your warehouse is full. Upgrade your warehouse to increase the storage capacity.
  4. You can’t use the Storage tool because you have no Storage icon. This is because you have not finished building your Warehouse yet. You’ll need to hire some employees to finish the Warehouse.
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  1. I can’t find my warehouse to get my things back out

    1. For those that are struggling to find this building, it can be found on your farm. The warehouse is the red barn that is located to the upper left, above your farm, on the expansion plots. It took me forever to find it!

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