Family Farm Seaside: Pet Equipment

Pet Equipment can be forged in the Factory using a Pet Equip Book, a Pet Equip Scroll and one other optional material.

Different Pets will have different equipment and once it’s put on your Pet, your Pet will get an extra ability on top of its own ability.  For example, increased Stamina, Selling Ability or any other ability that is useful for bargaining with Guest.

There are 3 parts of equipment which are Lv. 1, Lv. 10 and Lv. 20. Lv. 1 equipment can be put on Pets from every level, but Lv. 10 and Lv. 20 need to be put on certain level Pet.

Each Pet Equipment also has it’s own Class A, B and C, with Class A giving the most number of Attributes with the Equipment.

The Equipment will be added directly to your Pet House so tap on it and go to Apparel to check it out.

How to get Pet Equip Scroll and Pet Equip Book?

Every 30 quests from the Coffee House Challenge’s quest rewards will contain Pet Equip Scrolls. The Coffee House Final Reward will give a Pet Equip Book:

  • 1-Star Coffee House Final Reward gives a Level 10 Pet Book
  • 2-Star Coffee House Final Reward gives a Level 20 Pet Book.

For more information, please go to New Updates & Improvements > Coffee House.

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