Family Farm Seaside: Gallery

The Gallery has been improved! Check out the Decoration tab for more information.

Here are a few explanations for the drop-down menu:

All: Will show all decorations you have on your farm in the Gallery

Wishing List: The decoration you don’t have but wish to purchase. Tap on the Heart icon on the left side panel.

Buyable: These decorations are available in the Store and you can purchase it directly by tapping on the Purchase button

Store: Decorations are available in the Store in the Decoration tab

Discount: Decorations are only available from the Time-Limited Discount

Special Mission: Decorations are rewards from Special Missions

Activity: Decorations are rewards from certain activities in Family Farm Seaside

The second drop-down menu

Level: Will organize the decorations based on the unlock level

Landscape: Will organize the decorations based on the points you will earn when the decoration is placed on your farm

Range: Will organize the decorations based on their Landscape Point Count

Size: Will organize the decorations based on the size of the decoration based on the plots used.

The last one will be for searching for a specific decoration.

You will also get information about which Cleaning Bag a decoration will produce and also which Base the decoration can be placed on in the Gallery’s Decoration tab.

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  1. any picture of yellow mystron in gallery token pls

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