Family Farm Seaside: Community Treasure land

Explore the brand new feature in your Community in Water Town in game Family Farm Seaside! Send your pet to the Treasure Land and get rewards!

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How do you send your pet to the Treasure Land?

Each Community member is able to place one pet in the Treasure Land. Tap on the icon and choose one of your free pets to dig in Treasure Land. The pet will be sent home when it runs out of stamina and you will be rewarded with Pet Cookies and Community Reputation Medals. Feed your pet with one tap to let it dig longer so you can get more rewards! Tap your own pet and you can call it back to your farm at anytime. Tap the other pets in the Treasure Land to open the information page of the pet, where you can find the basic information of its owner, rank, pet skills etc.

What’s the benefit of Treasure Land?

You can get Pet Cookies and Community Reputation as participation rewards. Please note that the limitation for Pet Cookies is 300. There is a progress bar on the top of the screen, when it reaches 100%, your Community will get Gems and maybe even a treasure! There will be a 1 hour cooldown time before your Community can start the next round. Collect a whole set of treasures to get Gachapons and Community Avatars, tap the icon to check the progress!

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Click on the icon to check the rank of the current round as well as the last round. Be the first to start to reach a higher rank and get more rewards!

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