Family Farm Seaside: King of Burgers

Try out the brand new activity in the Activity Stage. When harvesting farm products, you can randomly get ingredients for making burgers and empty cups for cola.

Add the ingredients one at a time in the correct order. When the burger is ready to serve, tap and hold to move it and serve it to the customer. Please note that you can not adjust the order of the ingredients once they have been placed on the burger. If the order is incorrect, you have to throw the burger into the green trash bin on the left side of the table and make the burger again. After finishing one order, there is a cooldown time for the next customer to appear. You can spend TC to get the next order immediately.

Click on the icon in the upper-left corner of the activity panel to check the progress of each customer as well as the final reward you can get when completing all orders from a customer.

Click on the icon to check out the leaderboard. The ranking is based on the number of orders completed. Complete more orders to surpass your neighbors!


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