King of Thieves (KoT) is a PVP multiplayer game that combines elements of tower defense and platformer games. In the world populated by little cunning thieves, your ultimate goal is to obtain the most valuable gems and to become the richest thief in the world.Continue Reading

What is a shield? I was attacked while being under shield Can I be attacked while I’m online? How to return the stolen gem? What is Retrieve? What is Revenge? Revenge button is missing sometimes in the Defense Logs What are challenges? How to make friends with other players? HowContinue Reading

What is the relation between my level, my dungeon and gems I can merge? What gems can be stolen? What do my chances of stealing a gem depend on? How do I know which gem will be stolen? How do I know whether the gem is valuable or not? IsContinue Reading

What is league round? How to move into the next league? I finished in Top 3 at the end of the round, but wasn’t promoted to the next league How many leagues are there? Gods and King of Kings Leagues Can I be in the same league as my friends?Continue Reading

A guild in King of Thieves is a community of players who join forces so they can participate in guild battles, help each other retrieve stolen gems, test each other’s dungeons and simply chat. To join a guild, you must first finish Wooden League. Guilds can be found in LeagueContinue Reading