King of Thieves: Leagues guide

What is league round?

Each round lasts 72 hours. At the end of the round, Top 3 players are promoted to the next league and those who stay in the current league get new opponents to face with.

How to move into the next league?

Rank in the top places (4 to 2, depending on the requirements of the league) at the end of the round to be promoted to the next league. Your position in league depends on the rating. Also you can complete your league’s rating requirements.

I finished in Top 3 at the end of the round, but wasn’t promoted to the next league

Leagues are updated every 2 minutes. Everything can happen at the very end: other players will also try to steal gems and get higher rankings. In other words, you were probably busted out of Top 3 at the end of the round but may have moved on top again after the round has finished and winners were promoted to the next league. Better luck next time! You will beat this league soon.

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How many leagues are there?

Currently, there are:

  • 10 simple leagues: Wooden, Stone, Bronze, Silver, Golden, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Onyx, Diamond;
  • three Gods Leagues: Orbeuseus, Invinsius and Totemius;
  • and one King of King Leagues, which is universal for all players in the game.

To find out more about Gods and King of Kings Leagues, please refer to the respective sections of the FAQ.

Gods and King of Kings Leagues

After winning the Diamond League, players are promoted to a new set of leagues – Gods Leagues. There are three Gods Leagues:

  1. Orbeuseus League
  2. Invinsius League
  3. Totemius League

The rules in these leagues are a bit different than in others: your position on the leaderboard is determined by your delta score (how much you have increased your total gems value since the beginning of the round). In the Invinsius and Totemius leagues the players with the lowest delta score will be relegated to the previous league. The first Orbeuseus League is an exception – once you reach it, you won’t be bounced back to the Diamond League even if you are in the last position on the leader board.

But that’s not all! After winning the final Gods League (Totemius League), the player is moved to a King of Kings League, the winner of which receives the crown and the title King of Kings. The King of Kings League works the same way as the final two Gods Leagues (which means that you can be demoted back to the Totemius League if your score is too low), but the big difference with this league is that it’s unique – there is only one King of Kings League for all players in the world (unlike the old King’s League, of which there were several). It means that there could be more players in this league than in the previous ones, but the prize is much bigger as well: the winner of this league officially becomes the best King of Thieves player and receives the most powerful throne! At least, until the end of the next round.

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Can I be in the same league as my friends?

No, all leagues are formed randomly.

League Skip

We know that sometimes it’s too boring to wait when the round of the League ends. Now you don’t have to wait! All you need is to steal more gems. Raise your rating to get an instant promotion. When you gain the required rating, you will be instantly promoted to the next League. Note that this feature applies only to the first 9 leagues, from Wooden League to Onyx League.

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