King of Thieves: What are ingredients for and how to get them?

The ingredients in King of Thieves are needed to create and improve the thrones, as well as to operate the Style-O-Thief machine. The best thrones are made from the rarest of ingredients. There are four ingredients in the game, the rarest of which will be available to you as you progress. There are several ways to get the ingredients:

1. Completion of rituals.

After the ritual is completed, wheel of fortune appears, and you get a random ingredient. The player can not affect this process, it all depends on luck.

2. Armory of the guild in King of Thieves.

If you are a member of the guild, you can go to the “Armory” section. There is an opportunity to acquire various resources for the honor that is earned in the Battles of the Guild and the Arenas.

3. Lockpicking.

When you break into another player’s dungeon, there is a chance for an extra reward under the lock. This list of rewards also includes magical ingredients.

4. Additional reward when attacking the dungeon of another player.

Sometimes in King of Thieves, thanks to a particular skill from the Ancient Totem, you can get an additional reward when attacking other players. Rewards also can be different, but this way you can get the magic ingredients of any rarity. It all depends on your luck!

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5. In-game events.

In King of Thieves, new unique events regularly arise, thanks to which you can get a massive amount of valuable prizes. Follow the news and your dungeon, and you will always be at some advantage!

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