Beginner’s Guide for King of Thieves

King of Thieves (KoT) is a PVP multiplayer game that combines elements of tower defense and platformer games. In the world populated by little cunning thieves, your ultimate goal is to obtain the most valuable gems and to become the richest thief in the world. The higher the value of your gems, the more rating you have and the higher you are on the league’s leaderboard. Keep winning leagues to reach the Top 1 in the final King’s League and to become the King of Thieves.

The most efficient way to get gems is by stealing them from other players. Stealing in KoT is not considered a bad thing, but rather like a national sport. Beware, though – other players can steal your gems too. That is why it is so important to defend them by setting traps in your dungeon. Although there is a single player campaign in KoT, it is mostly online experience, therefore it is impossible to play offline.

What is rating and how to increase it?

Each gem has its own value, represented by the number under it. Rating is the total value of all your gems summed together.

The higher your rating, the better position you have in the league. To increase rating, you need to obtain as many valuable gems as possible.

What is a ritual?

Gems can be merged together to make a more valuable single gem. You can merge them in the totem. The process of merging is called “a ritual”.

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To start a ritual, tap on the totem in your dungeon, put gems into all available slots and tap “Start Ritual”. When the ritual is finished, you get one bigger gem that combines the value of all the merged gems.

On starting levels this value is doubled (if you merge two 50 gems, you will get 200, not 100). Guild level bonus can also increase the rating of the merged gem. Note, that once you start a ritual, the gems in the totem can be stolen by other players.

How do I know how many rituals I have left?

The number of rituals that can be done using a particular totem is represented by its teeth. Each time a ritual is finished, the totem loses one tooth.

How to move into the next dungeon?

To move to the next dungeon finish all rituals in the current totem, destroy it, then press the “Move next” button. Also you can use totem restoration function in the current dungeon.

How much gold can be stolen from me?

Attackers can steal up to 50% of your gold, depending on how well they pass your dungeon and whether they have a Steal Gold Bonus or not. The amount of gold which you have in your golden mine is also counted towards your total gold and attacker is able to steal it as well.

What does the spinner do?

When you reach a totem with gems in it, you need to spin the spinner and land the pointer in the green zone to steal a gem. The pointer lands randomly, so it all depends on your luck. The default parameter is 50/50 for red and green zones. If you die a lot while trying to reach a totem, red zone will be much bigger. To enlarge the green zone, craft a throne with the better Gem Steal Chance or make a flawless attack.

How does the Health bar work?

Each time your thief touches a trap, its health decreases. How much health is lost depends on the level of the trap that catches it. The Health bar has three grades:

Each grade represents one star you gain for winning a level. If your health falls below a certain grade, you’ll lose one star. This means less gold in the chest and a lower chance of stealing a gem from a totem. If your health falls to zero, you won’t die, but the chance of obtaining a gem will be minimal. You can increase your health by crafting and upgrading thrones.

New Guild Throne

Now guilds that win in the Crown Arena are awarded with the “Crown Champion” Throne! This throne is even more powerful than Foreseer. Each guild member who won in the Arena gets this throne until the end of the next round. Then it will be passed to the next champion guild.

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Why weren’t my lock picks restored after a flawless attack?

Not all the keys can be restored after a Flawless attack – if you obtained some from watching ads or buying for orbs, they won’t be restored. Also, if you had to open the locks in two parts (you watched an ad to get more lock picks and it made the game reconnect for some reason and you continued opening the locks after finding the same dungeon in the Attack mode after reconnecting), the lock picks spent before the reconnection won’t be restored.

Why gems have lesser rating in the revenge mode?

Rating of gems that you can steal through revenge is limited to avoid gem swapping and unfair increase of rating. It means that if a gem in a ritual is too big, you will see a smaller copy of this gem in revenge.

I picked the lock on my daily reward chest. Why I haven’t received the reward?

There is no additional reward for opening one of the locks. The chest will open and yield its rewards only when all locks on it are opened. Make sure to visit the game every day and you’ll get your big prize once all the locks are open.

Outfits and Style-O-Thief machine

Every thief can change their outfit in the dungeon. Tap on your throne and open Outfit tab (shoulder icon). There you will see all outfits you can wear.

Unlike thrones, outfits don’t give you any additional perks and are mere for aesthetic pleasure.
To unlock an outfit you need to either spend some orbs or use a Style-O-Thief machine.

Style-O-Thief is a special mechanism which allows you to get a new outfit by spending magical ingredients. Each added ingredient fills up the progress bar of the machine. The rarer the ingredient is, the faster it fills the progress bar. Fully charged Style-O-Thief machine gives you a better chance to win a rare outfit.

If you happen to win an outfit which you already have, you will get orbs instead of it.

Please note, that some outfits can’t be opened with orbs or in Style-O-Thief machine. You can only get them for an achievement (like King of Kings outfit) or as a present (like Christmas costume).

King of Kings title and outfit

After winning the final Gods League (Totemius League), the player is moved to a King of Kings League, the winner of which receives the title King of Kings. Receiving this title is the greatest honour in the game: there is only one King of Kings League for all players in the world and its winner officially becomes the best King of Thieves player!

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Along with the title, he or she also receives a royal throne, outfit and a crown. These throne and costume are unique and cannot be crafted or gained from Style-o-Thief machine. They are granted to the winner of King of Kings League and stay with the winner till the end of the next round. After that, if the player loses the top position, the royal throne is given to a new winner and the former King loses the ability to use it. If the player manages to stay on top, he/she continues sitting on the royal throne, which, by the way, not only looks awesome but has the highest stats as well. But even if you lose a King of Kings league, you will be able to wear the Royal Robe. Just like any other outfit and throne, the royal throne, costume and the crown are shown during attacks, replays and dungeon saving (so you always know when you are being robbed by the King), and the name of the current King of Kings can be found on the leagues’ leaderboards and in the outfit menu.

What is Arena? What is reward for Arena?

There are 4 Arenas in the game: Key, Glove, Mask and Crown.

The first three Arenas have 4 stages. A guild must win them all to become the champion of the Crown Arena.

At the end of 10 battles, a guild can be promoted to the next Arena. Guilds with the lowest scores go to the previous Arena. Also, a guild gets a reward for its place in Arena. The result influences on the maximum reward in Guild Battles and on the type of chests. A guild gets one chest for each victory in a Guild Battle at the end of Arena. There are orbs, lockpicks, magical ingredients, tears or potions in chests. A number of chests depends on the player’s status in the guild and on the number of victories in Guild Battles.

NOTE: Only Elders get the maximum reward for Arena! Players with other ranks get only PART of the maximum reward.

During 10 Battles, guilds don’t compete directly – they must increase their ratings. Victory or defeat don’t influence on the gained rating on Arenas – the score will be saved and added to the previous ones. It may be so that a Guild does NOT win a single Guild Battle but wins the Arena!

If a guild is not active (the score is zero during 10 Battles), it will go to an Arena which has a lower rank, or will leave Arenas.

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