King of Thieves: What are thrones for and how to craft them?

Different thrones in King of Thieves give your character different perks. Tap on your character to open Thrones menu. There are six thrones that you can craft. Each throne has four parameters that you can upgrade:

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1. Health

The more health your character has when it reaches a totem, the better the chances of stealing a gem.

2. Steal Gold Bonus

Allows you to steal more gold from other players.

3. Gem Steal Chance Bonus King of Thieves

Boosts the chances of stealing a gem.

4. Best Gem Pick Chance

Boosts the chances of stealing the best gem in the totem. Without this perk, you steal a random gem.

To create a new throne in King of Thieves, you need ingredients and golden coins. Ingredients can be obtained by finishing rituals. The very first totem in the game doesn’t give you any ingredients, but the following totems do.

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