King of Thieves: Matchmaking

What is a shield?

After somebody broke into your dungeon, you get a shield for 45 minutes, during which you are not shown in matchmaking and nobody can attack you. You, on the other hand, can attack other players during this period.

I was attacked while being under shield

You cannot be attacked when the shield is active. Most likely, notifications just came late, after someone attacked you and the shield was turned on.

Can I be attacked while I’m online?

No, you can only be attacked while you are offline. You will not be attacked the first minutes after you went offline to eliminate the possibility of an attack caused by a simple disconnect.

How to return the stolen gem?

1. Retrieve it yourself
From your dungeon, open Defense Logs (dagger icon), find the player who has stolen your gem and tap “Retrieve” button. You will then get a chance to return your gem. Note, that you are not stealing a real gem, but the copy of this gem.

2. Call friends for help
If you fail to retrieve your gem, you will pop up in the Retrieve Logs (shaking hands icon in the bottom of your dungeon). Your friends will see that you need help and may try to steal your gem back.

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What is Retrieve?

Retrieve button only pops up when somebody steals one of your gems. You can then try to return it from the Defense Logs. You only get one chance – if you fail, you will not be able to retrieve the gem yourself anymore. However, you pop up in the Retrieve Logs of your friends and guildmates and they are able to help you. Each friend also gets no more than one try.

Please note, that retrieve attacks are not real attacks. When you or your friends retrieve a stolen gem, you get a copy of it. The actual gem is still in the hands of the thief who stole it. This is done to increase your chances of returning a stolen gem. In reality, the thief could never even install your gem in the totem. Retrieval chance is a bit lower than your chance to steal a gem during the usual attack. To actually “hurt” the player who stole your gem, make a revenge attack on them and try stealing some gold or gems they may have in their totem.

What is Revenge?

When somebody attacks you, you can perform a revenge attack on them from the Defense Logs. Unlike retrieve attacks, revenge attacks are real, which means that you are attacking the actual dungeon of this player. Therefore, the totem can be broken, could contain no gems, and the player themselves could be online or under shield at the moment. With revenge function, you actually steal gold and gems from the player who attacked you. Once you have performed the revenge attack on someone, they cannot get revenge in return.

Revenge button is missing sometimes in the Defense Logs

This is not a bug. The button disappears when a player that you have previously found in matchmaking and attacked makes a revenge attack on your dungeon. We disabled this option in order to prevent cheaters from cooperating and enormously increasing their ratings by endlessly robbing each other.

What are challenges?

Challenges are weekly events that you can participate in by simply playing the game. Each challenge starts at the end of the week and lasts 60 hours. At the beginning, all players are divided into groups according to their level.

As of right now, there are three types of challenges:

– Gem Looters: steal gems from other players. The players who steal the largest number of gems (no matter the rating of those gems) win.

– Money Grabbers: steal gold from other players. The players who steal the most gold win.

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– Flawless Heist: reach other players’ chests without dying. The players who make most flawless attacks win.

At the end of the challenge, players receive rewards, which depend on their position on the leaderboards. If two or more players have the same amount of points, their position on the leaderboard is calculated according to their rating. The first N players (the quantity depends on the size of the group) win high value gems.

Only experienced thieves can participate in the challenges. They become available once you move into the third dungeon in single player mode.

How to make friends with other players?

1. Connect to Facebook
If you have Facebook friends who play KoT, you can all connect your game profiles to Facebook to see each other in Retrieve Logs.

2. Join guild
Guildmates can also help each other. To join a guild, tap “Attack” button in your dungeon, then on league icon under “Find a match” and then find the guild you would like to join by using a search function or manually searching in Top Guilds and Friends sections.

How to request friends’ help?

1. If you fail to retrieve your stolen gem, you will automatically show up in the Retrieve Logs of your friends and guildmates and they will be able to steal back your gem.

2. Tap the “Request Help” button next to the stolen gem in the Defense Logs to ask help from your friends via Facebook. The game will send a notification to your friends. They should then open the game, find you in the Retrieve Logs and tap “Retrieve”.

3. You can always ask for help right in the guild chat.

Can I steal from a specific person?

No, the matchmaking system is random, so you cannot choose whom to attack. However, you can perform revenge attacks on players who have raided your dungeon from your Defense Logs.

I have noticed an inappropriate nickname/guild name

You can report on the player by tapping on exclamation mark icon next to their nickname and select a reason (“Inappropriate name” or “Inappropriate guild name”).

Some of my resources have disappeared. What happened?

We have all been in the situation when resources seem scarcer than they ought to, but please keep in mind that they cannot disappear by themselves and the game will never make purchases on the player’s behalf. Resources are needed in order to make an upgrade or buy something, so that is the best place to look for an explanation. Perhaps you are upgrading a lock or a trap? If that’s not the case, check your Defense Logs, perhaps someone has raided you and stole some of your resources.

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I am no longer able to watch ads

You can only watch a limited number of ads to get lockpicks, otherwise, this feature would have been overpowered. They will start showing up again after some time.

I keep having the same opponents in matchmaking and come across fake dungeons.

Matchmaking system finds people that are approximately on the same level as you are (+/- 5 levels). All players above level 51 are treated like level 51 thieves. When there are no more players available in this range during skipping (all of them are under shields, online or already skipped), the game starts to show fake dungeons based on real ones. Gems and gold in these dungeons are fake. An owner of the original dungeon will get no notification and he will not lose anything due to attacks.

This is done to prevent the situation in which you have no one to attack for a while.

I’ve been attacked too often. What can I do?

Every time you go offline your dungeon appears in the Attack mode and other players may find and raid it. There must be something about your dungeon that attracts other players and makes them attack you – it might be the gems in your ritual, the amount of gold you have or the fact that they have already had the same layout before and know how to pass it flawlessly. It is not against the rules to raid the same dungeon if one sees it in the Attack mode and you are not being discriminated against as a player in this case in any way.

How can I find more golden gems?

In order to find a dungeon with gold or big stones, you need to be in the right place at the right time. Each dungeon in Attack mode can only be attacked a limited number of times and a rare thief will pass by without at least trying his luck. This means that such a dungeon is available for attack only for a short time, and in this case, “Finders keepers, …” You can try to change the time of the game, perhaps most players are online at the same time and then your chances of finding big stones are greatly reduced.

So, you need quite a bit of luck – and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!

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