King of Thieves: Rituals Guide

What is the relation between my level, my dungeon and gems I can merge?

Not all gems can be enhanced during rituals on starting levels. The higher your level is, the more valuable gems you can merge in the totem:

Level – Gem’s maximum rating

  • 1-5 levels – 50.000
  • 6-10 levels – 100.000
  • 11-15 levels – 150.000
  • 16-20 levels – 200.000
  • 21-25 levels – 250.000
  • 26-30 levels – 300.000
  • 31+ levels – 999.999

Your ability to merge gems depends also on the number of the dungeon you’re currently in. If totem is saying that your gem is too big to perform the ritual and your level is equal to gem’s rating, then you just need to move to the next dungeon to get the totem with bigger capacity.

What gems can be stolen?

Only gems that are being merged during ritual could be stolen. Gems in the inventory or those that are simply installed into the totem (without being merged) cannot be stolen by other players.

What do my chances of stealing a gem depend on?

Spinner’s pointer lands randomly, so basically all depends on your luck. The default parameter is 50/50 for red and green zones on the spinner. However, there are certain factors that can either increase or decrease your chances:

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1. Health
The more health you have when your reach the totem, the better the chances of stealing a gem.

2. Thrones
Certain thrones provide Gem Steal Chance Bonus, making the green zone on the spinner bigger.

3. Gem Defense Chance
If a defending player has Gem Defense Chance upgraded, an attacker has lower chances of stealing a gem.

How do I know which gem will be stolen?

This is defined randomly, you cannot influence it. However, thrones with the Best Gem Pick Chance increase the possibility of stealing the best gem in the totem.

How do I know whether the gem is valuable or not?

The glossier and the more “complicated” a gem looks, the higher the value of the gem. Take a look at this picture with all the gems ranged from the least valuable to the most valuable:

Is there any limit to how long a ritual lasts?

A ritual will never last longer than 12 hours. Once you reach this limit, all rituals from then on will take 12 hours.

I don’t have space for new Gems. What will happen when I’ll get one more Gem?

If you obtain a new gem and don’t have space for it in the inventory, there are three possible scenarios:

1. If the new gem is less valuable than any of your current gems, it is automatically sold and you receive gold instead.

2. If the new gem is more valuable than any of your current gems, the lesser gem is sold, and the new one takes its place.

3. Now, if your totem is broken, it will still have one slot for your gem. So even if your inventory is full, you can carry the gem over to your next totem!

You can also increase the inventory capacity by purchasing more gem slots.

How can I increase the capacity of my inventory?

Tap on the plus button under the gem slots to buy more for blue orbs. You can buy up to three additional gem slots.

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What are spells?

You can use unique gems and emeralds in order to learn spells in the ancient totem.
Each spell is useful for thieves. There are two types of spells – temporary and permanent. Temporary spells can be learned once, and they will be active within a certain time. After time is up, you can purchase a temporary spell again. The effect of a permanent spell does not disappear, and it increases when you upgrade it.
Tap on the exclamation mark next to the name of the spell, and you’ll be able to read the description of the spell: what type it is (permanent or temporary), and the maximum number of levels for permanent spells.
You get extra experience points when you learn new spells or upgrade them.

Temporary spells:

1. Unstoppable thief: let you skip a dungeon for free when attacking other players.

2. Proficient thief: gives an extra chance to steal a gem from other player.

3. Skilled defender: gives an extra chance to defend your gem from other players’ attacks.

4. Rescuer: gives an extra chance to retrieve gems automatically.

Permanent spells:

1. Trap engineer: decreases trap upgrade time.

2. Generous totem: gives an extra chance to get bonus magic item.

3. Seeker: gives additional tears in the maze chest.

4. Totem revival: gives a chance to restore a broken totem for free.

5. Wise builder: decreases skill upgrade time.

6. Best friend: gives an extra chance to retrieve a gem to your friends or guildmates.

7. Justice: gives an extra chance to retrieve your own gem.

8. Precious treasure: when you save a gen in the Treasure Hall, it gives you a chance the rating of your saved gem will be increased.

9. Insatiable: gives an extra chance to add more bonus rating to stolen gems.

10. Lucky Thief: gives an extra chance to find an additional reward after attacking other players.

11. Quickie: gives an extra chance to save your trap layout in just one try.

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Respin Bonus

If you play in the Attack or Revenge mode, and your ritual is started and not paused, you can get a bonus to the ritual during the respin.

If the ritual is cancelled the bonus will be lost.

The reward depends on the sector where the arrow stops: green (the gem), purple (the bonus).

A regular spinner (without the bonus to the ritual) will appear if:

  • You are playing in Attack or Revenge mode, but the ritual is not running;
  • You are retrieving your or someone else’s gem.

Note: the respin bonus will not increase your gem’s rating above the maximum limit (999 999). You still need to fuse gems via the ritual to get a rating of 1 000 000 or higher.

Treasure Hall

Treasure Hall is a place where you can keep your gems and nobody will be able to steal them. However, you won’t be able to sell or perform rituals with these gems either.

To save your gem in the Treasure Hall, you need to spend some Emeralds. Emeralds is the new resource that is produced by performing rituals. The number of Emeralds depend on the value of the gem that you get after the ritual is finished. The more valuable it is, the more Emeralds you receive.

Each time you save a gem in the Treasure Hall, you increase your Saved Rating. If the Rating is high enough, you get a Magical Sphere that contains Unique gems. If you save gems with more than 1 000 000 value, you get a bonus Sphere.

You can find all gained Unique Gems in Collection. By the way, when you add a Huge Gem your Treasure hall, it will be counted in Collection too.

Beginners, who have just installed the game and started it, will get access to Treasure Hall after they move to the third dungeon.

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