King of Thieves: Dungeons and traps – Guide

How do traps work?

There are 14 types of traps:

1. Saw
A simple round saw. Just jump over it and you are good to go!

2. Cannon
Constantly fires fireballs at the direction it faces.

3. Homing Cannon
Tracks your position, can fire in multiple directions.

4. Red Guard
A monster that moves vertically or horizontally. The bigger the distance of its path, the slower it moves.

5. Blue Guard
Moves in a circle. The bigger the radius, the faster it moves.

6. Bird
Follows you wherever you go, so do not stop!

7. Platform
Not a trap, but rather a feature of certain dungeons. Helps to reach certain parts of the dungeon. You can choose where to place it.

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8. Trampoline
Enables you to perform high jumps. Works the same way as a platform.

9. Gravity Switch

Inverts gravity and enables you to reach previously unreachable places by walking on the ceiling.

10. Ricochet

Mighty fist which flies through the dungeon and bounces off its walls.

11. Lil’ Scorcher

An adorable little dragon that spews flames at the direction it faces. Can’t fire when it is placed inside a wall.

12. Roaster

He is motionless and doesn’t shoot but if you want to stay alive, then jump as often as possible.

13. Warden

He shoots in four directions like an ordinary Cannon. The Warden can move horizontally and vertically like the Red Guard. Be aware of his horns!

14. Bloodhound

The Bloodhound can be placed on surfaces or walls. When the player touches the surface where the trap is placed, the Bloodhound starts to following the thief. It stops at the end of the surface and doesn’t cross gaps.

How do trap upgrades work?

Upgraded traps work the same way as the non-upgraded (meaning that they do not get faster or sharper) but deal much more damage. That way, they are more effective in defending your gem. The less health an intruder has, the lesser their chances of stealing from you.

Please note, that when a trap is being upgraded, it does not function and your chest is more vulnerable. To upgrade a trap, simply tap on it. Trap upgrades require gold.

You can identify the level of a trap by its look:

Can I simultaneously upgrade more than one trap?

No, you can only upgrade one trap at a time. However, if you have a pair of traps (i.e. two saws), if you decide to upgrade one, both will be upgraded. Please note, this will make your chest very vulnerable.

Are trap upgrades permanent?

Yes, all upgrades are permanent, including trap upgrades. If you upgrade a saw to level 5, whenever you get a base that can be equipped with it, your saw will be level 5, not 1.

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How to disable traps?

There are two ways to disable traps:

1. Disable Trap potion
Buy this potion for orbs to disable one random trap.

2. Die more than seven times
If your character dies more than seven times, the game will automatically disable a trap that inflicted the most damage. Disabled trap becomes slightly visible.

How many traps can I set?

Each dungeon has three traps, plus a platform, a trampoline or a gravity switch in certain dungeons.

Can I choose what traps to set?

When you move into the new dungeon, you need to choose one of three sets of traps which you can buy for gold, orbs or emeralds. With the two first sets, you also get a pre-made traps placement.
The “Random traps” set gives you 3 random traps, and you can change any of them by spending orbs if you don’t like the ones you got. Note that you cannot have 3 of the same traps in the random set, and you have to create your own traps placement for the “Random traps” set. When you get them, you have to build your own defence because there is no standard (automatic) placement in this set.

You can change the set of traps in Edit mode.

Can I choose my dungeon’s layout?

No, dungeons are generated randomly. Dungeon layout will be changed only when you move into the next dungeon.

Can I buy a platform, a trampoline or a gravity switch?

No, those “traps” are only available in certain dungeons.

If I buy a set of traps, will they apply to the next dungeon?

No, traps only apply to the current dungeon. The sets of available traps may repeat from time to time, but each time you need to buy them from scratch.

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Will skulls ever disappear from my dungeon?

No, skulls are permanent, unless you collect them or move out of your dungeon.

Why should I complete my own dungeon twice in a row?

You need to complete your own dungeon to prove that it is possible. Doing it twice in a row means that it is not only possible, but the chances of doing it are high enough for the majority of players with the same skills as you.

What are “dungeon solutions” and how to watch them?

Can’t sneak through a dungeon’s defenсe and think it’s unbeatable? We assess all the dungeons to be 100% beatable and now you can check it yourself. If you choose to quit an attack before reaching the chest, you can now watch how to pass this dungeon. But remember, you won’t be able to try out the dungeon again after you’ve watched the solution.

Preview Mode

You can try on each outfit before buying it in the preview mode. Long tap on any costume you want and try it on in your own dungeon!

Skip dungeon

When your totem breaks, you need to move to the next dungeon. From now, you can change it if you don’t like your next layout. To do this, click on the “Skip” button, and then another random dungeon will appear. You need to pay orbs for skipping dungeon.

This function is available only for those players who have already completed all single player missions on the map and broke 20 totems.

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