Beginner’s Guide for Empires and Allies

How do I battle?

Train your Troops because it’s time to battle!

Collect loots during the battle. You will have 3 minutes to complete it. To start a battle, tap the Globe icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Choose your destination on the Map.

Scout – Tap Scout to view the enemy’s Headquarters. Unsure if you can destroy it? You can always go back to the Map by tapping the Globe icon to scout another Headquarters.

Attack – Tap Attack to start the Battle. You will have to pay Fuel so make sure you have enough.

Deploy – To deploy your Troops, tap the Troops that you want to deploy, then the Landing Zone. Each squad deploys separately.

To deploy your Flare, select the Flare (bottom right) that you want to use, then tap your target.

  • • Command Points – Gain Command Points by destroying enemy structures. This refills after each battle.

  • • Command Powers – Some Command Powers launch devastating attacks, while others control your units. You will need Command Points to be able to use it.

Change Mission – If you want to change mission, simply tap the Change Mission button. Changing a mission will reset any stars that you already earned from that mission.

The Battle is completed when you destroy the enemy’s Headquarters or when the time runs out. You will receive a pop up confirming your victory (if applicable) and your casualties.

How does the Armory work?

To get the materials you need for your base, tap the Armory icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

There are 3 tabs that you can use:

1. Operations

2. Defenses

3. Resources

The number that appears in each tab represents the number of Operations, Defenses and Resources currently available for you to build.

How do I retaliate an attack?

If your base has been attacked, you may open the ‘Battle Log’ and view the Defense tab data. You will see an option to ‘Replay’ or ‘Retaliate’.

Note: Tapping retaliate will not take you right into battle. You will have the chance to scout the enemy and confirm if you want to attack them back.

How do I replay my attacks?

You can view them all in your Battle Log. Open your Battle Log by tapping on the Notepad in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

There are two tabs you can select from, the Attacks Log and Defenses Log . The Attacks Log will record the attacks made by you on other players while the Defenses Log will record the attacks made by other players on your base.

You can replay the attacks to help plan out your next attack or review how secure your base is set up!

How do I obtain gold?

Here are some tips:

  1. Purchase via tapping your gold bar balance.
  2. Mine the trees on your base
  3. Complete achievements
  4. Donate/Request to and from your Alliance

What are command powers/command points and how do I use them?

On the battlefield you have 2 methods of attack/strategy. You can deploy units you built on your base, you can also use command powers you unlock and upgrade in the research building.

Your command powers (a-10 strike, orbital cannon, etc) cost command points each match. You earn command points by destroying buildings on base. If you ran out, you will see them replenish as you take out more buildings.

Can I change my Alliance’s name?

Q: Who can change Alliance name?
Only the General can change the Alliance name.

Q: How can the General of Alliance change Alliance name?
Go to Alliance Section, Tap on “Edit” button

Tap on “Pencil” icon

Enter a new Alliance name, and tap on “Done” and confirm

Q: How will my Alliance members get to know that General has changed Alliance name?
An automated chat message will be sent in Alliance Chat when the Alliance name is changed.

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