Kill Shot Bravo: How do I get more Energy?

Energy in Kill Shot Bravo is required to play Missions! Every Mission costs 1-3x Energy to play. Energy is represented by a lightning bolt icon at the top right of each Mission type on the screen. The number before the ” / ” is your current Energy, while the number after the ” / ” is your maximum Energy Bars (or the maximum amount of Energy you can recharge once you go below this number).

When you’re out of Energy, you cannot attempt to complete any more Missions.

Different kinds of Missions have different Energy types. Global Ops, Bounties, and PVP all use their own Energy types.

How do I get more Energy?

Energy recovers automatically over time. You will recharge 1 Energy Bar back after a duration of minutes, until your Energy Bars are full again. You can tap on the Energy Bar in your menu to see how much time remains until you regain your next Energy Bar back.

If you just can’t wait (and who could blame you– this game is fun!), you can buy more Energy by using Gold! Energy Bars can also be earned as Rewards from participating in Events and Leveling Up. These Rewards will instantly renew one Energy Bar so you can get right back to the action!

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