Kill Shot Bravo: Weapons guide

How do I purchase new Weapons?

  • Tap the menu button at the top left of the screen.
  • Tap the ‘Weapons’ menu button to display the list of available new Weapons.
  • Select the type of weapon you wish to purchase. You can choose between: ‘Sniper Rifles’, ‘Assault Rifles’, ‘Shotguns’, and ‘Machine Guns’.
  • Tap on a Weapon’s name to examine its specifications and stats.
  • Tap the Gold or Bucks ‘Buy’ buttons when you’ve made your choice to purchase the Weapon.

How do I Upgrade Weapons?

Please use the following steps to Upgrade the chosen Weapon:

  • Tap the menu button on the top left of the screen.
  • Tap the ‘Weapons’ menu button.
  • The list of Weapons will be displayed on the screen.
  • Swipe through the list until you find the Weapon you wish to Upgrade and tap on it.
  • Tap the ‘Upgrade’ button in the bottom-left corner to start upgrading your Weapon.

In the Upgrades screen:

  • Select the Weapon part you wish to Upgrade.
  • You are able to Upgrade a Weapon’s: ‘Ammo’, ‘Barrel’, ‘Muzzle’, ‘Grip’, ‘Sights’, ‘Mag Size’,’Silencer’, and ‘Thermal’ duration.
  • Tap on the Weapon part button to see which stats will improve when you the Upgrade completes.

When you’ve chosen the Weapon part you wish to Upgrade:

  • Tap the Gold or Bucks ‘Upgrade’ button to Upgrade the Weapon part to the next level.
  • Please note that the higher level Weapon Upgrades may take a Delivery time to complete; so be prepared to wait for the best Upgrades in the game!
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I don’t want to wait for my Upgrade Delivery Time!

We understand that it can be difficult to wait for a Weapon Upgrade, so we have good news! You can use Gold to rush any Upgrade Delivery Time. After purchasing your Weapon part Upgrade:=

  • Tap on the ‘Rush’ Upgrade button to have your Upgrade delivered immediately.
  • The Gold cost of rushing your Upgrade appears on the ‘Rush’ button.

NOTE: Different Upgrades require different Gold costs and Delivery Times associated with Rushing your delivery. Please take note of the Gold price or you may end up paying more than you wanted!

Why is the Weapon I want not in the Weapon Shop?

The available stock in the Weapon Shop can change from time to time.

Sometimes we add Weapons for a limited-time only or sometimes we remove old Weapons. Special Event Weapons only appear during the associated Event, so they will disappear from the Weapon Shop if you don’t acquire them during the specific Event.

Stay tuned: we will be adding new Weapons to the Kill Shot Bravo in the future! (HINT: Check out Special Events!)

How many Weapons can I take into a Mission?

You can take up to 4 Weapons into most Missions, 1 of each Weapon class (‘Sniper Rifle’, ‘Assault Rifle’, ‘Shotgun’, and ‘Machine Gun’.

Please note that certain Missions restrict you to a specific Weapon class.

How do I change my equipped Weapon during a Mission?

You can switch between your equipped Weapons by:

  • Tap the ‘Weapon Select’ button at the bottom left of your screen during a Mission.
  • Tapping the button will cycle down and select the next Weapon from the current Weapon class you’re using.
  • You can also tap on a specific Weapon to quick-select while the ‘Weapon Select’ menu is open.
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Is it possible to reverse a Weapon Upgrade?

Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse a Weapon Upgrade once it has been purchased. Please be sure to choose the correct Weapon before you tap the purchase Upgrade button.

Can I swap or sell my Weapons?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to swap or sell your Weapons for another item. If you need Bucks to purchase your next Weapon or Upgrade, try completing Assault Missions for some quick Bucks!

Why does a Weapon have more than one Region?

These Weapons are designed to be used in more than one Region. Their stats will increase accordingly after each Upgrade completed for that Weapon.

What are Event Weapons?

Event Weapons provide a bonus effect depending on the type of Event that is currently active:

  • Equip Event Weapons to earn bonus Kill Coins during their respective Global Ops Zombie, Whiteout, and Aegis Event.
  • Equip Event Weapons to deal bonus damage multipliers during their respective Global Ops Zombie, Whiteout, and Aegis Event.
  • The bonus multipliers may depend on the type of Weapon equipped and if the Weapon has been fully Upgraded.

What are Legendary Weapons?

Legendary Weapons are extremely powerful and rare Weapons that can be earned through purchasing the Legendary Crates! More powerful versions of these Weapons, called ‘Elite’ Legendary Weapons, can be earned by achieving high Leaderboard placement during Events.

Every additional time you earn the same Weapon will be transferred into XP towards leveling up the Legendary Weapon Skill. Legendary Weapon Skills are powerful bonus effects that have a chance of activating once you earn a particular Weapon Skill Level. You can also level up a Legendary Weapon by using it during Missions. View legendary Weapon Skills by tapping the ‘Skills’ button when viewing the Legendary Weapon in the ‘Weapons’ menu.

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Please note, it is possible to earn duplicate Legendary Weapons within the Legendary Crate. This system was implemented to help Players level their Weapons even faster!

What are Golden Weapons?

The Golden Weapons will provide you with bonus Bucks for every enemy you kill.

What are Weapon Skins?

Weapon Skins are cosmetic changes to the appearance of the Weapons. They can be purchased in a Special Offer bundle pack with a Weapon, purchased separately, or in the case of Event Reward Weapons, their Skins can be earned in Events.

Please note that Weapon Skins do not effect Weapon stats and not all Weapons will have Skins available.

What are Bullet Skins?

Bullet Skins produce special effects in-game when they hit an enemy. They include fire, ice, lightning, and fun Holiday effects. They can be found in the Weapons menu under the Bullet Skins tab. They do not do additional damage.

What is the difference between Semi-Automatic and regular Sniper Rifles?

  • Regular Sniper Rifles require a delay between each shot while you chamber each bullet.
  • Semi-automatic Sniper Rifles can fire their entire magazine of rounds before any kind of reload animation is needed.
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