Kill Shot Bravo: About PVP

What is Sniper Duel?

PVP Sniper Duel is a 1 on 1, player vs player competitive match mode. Compete to win best of 3 ranked matches to maintain Win Streaks and earn your way to the top of the Leaderboard!

Use the on-screen sensor while zoomed in to quickly locate your opponent before they shoot you!

If you play well, you can earn a Win Streak. If you lose a match, your streak will vanish unless you spend gold to retain it.

What is Classic Sniper Duel?

Certain players playing before a certain date have access to our legacy Classic Sniper Duel mode. This mode does not feature the improvements present in Sniper Duel, and is best of 1 match.

What is an Alliance PVP Duel?

Alliance PVP Duel is a friendly 1 on 1 match mode between Alliance Members. Compete to win best of 3 matches for friendly competition and earn bragging rights within your Alliance!

Please note, this is a friendly match-making mode that does not cost PVP Energy to play!

What are Gauntlets?

Gauntlets are challenges that players can undertake to win prizes. The Daily Gauntlet is free to enter, but all other Gauntlets cost gold to enter. Matches are best of 3, and when you finish the Gauntlet, you earn a Final Match Reward!

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What is a Flash Event?

A Flash Event is a limited time PVP Event where you earn extra Rewards. Each Flash Event comes with its own type of challenge!

What are Ranks and Challenges?

Once you earn a certain number of PVP points, you can attempt a Promotion Challenge to increase your Rank. These challenges include getting certain amounts of point totals, kill streaks, and headshots in a limited time. They’re free to start, and you can repeat them if you fail. Completion awards a new rank and prizes!

You can never go down a rank, until you reach Challenger and Elite. At the end of every global Leaderboard reset, the top 500 Challengers move to Elite, and everyone under rank 500 in Elite drops to Challenger. You can never drop below Challenger once you’ve reached it.

Where did my streak/score go?

At the end of each PVP Sniper Duel Event, the Leaderboard results are finalized, and prizes are awarded based on performance. At this time, everyone’s scores and Win Streaks are reset to ensure that the next event will begin fairly. This includes any Win Streaks maintained with Gold, and unfortunately, we cannot provide compensation for Win Streaks reset in this way. We do this to maintain the competitive core of PVP and to ensure that the best players will be able to make it to the top on their own merits.

What are the different Map Modes in PVP?

PVP mode has different maps and modes and they change at different intervals.

  • Standard Mode – Standard best of 3 matches with no modifiers.
  • Headshot Mode – Same as Standard mode, except that only headshots will count for damage.
  • Thermal Mode – Standard mode with Thermal activated. Players can use Thermal to locate opponents.
  • Armor Mode – Standard mode with Armor activated. Helmets and Armor now block damage. Players have to aim for unprotected head and body locations to get kills.
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Armor & Thermal Mode – Standard mode with both Armor and Thermal activated. Players can use Thermal to locate opponents and find weak spots in their armor

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