Kill Shot Bravo: Alliance Wars Events

Alliance Wars in Kill Shot Bravo is a special competitive mode where your Alliance is matched up against another for a 30 minute battle. As with Bounties, each opponent on the opposing team must be hunted down with a specific weapon type and killed to earn Victory Points. The Alliance with the highest amount of Victory Points at the end of a War wins! At the end of the event, overall ranking is determined by how many Victory Points each Alliance earned overall.

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What is War Rating?

Every gun in the game has a War Rating. The gun with the highest War Rating in each four classes is tallied up to give you your total War Rating. This value determines how hard it is for the other team to kill you by affording you more Hit Points during War.

Why can’t I join or leave during an Alliance War?

Once an Officer or Commander chooses to engage in War, your Alliance’s roster will be locked for the entire event length (24 hours). This means nobody can be invited your Alliance, and nobody can leave. Make sure you’re ready before you begin matchmaking!

Please note that you need at least 5 Alliance members to begin matchmaking.

What is a Wipe Bonus?

If you kill every member of the opposing team, you’ll earn a special Wipe Bonus, which adds Victory Points to your Alliance’s score. Strategically taking down targets is the key to victory!

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