Kill Shot Bravo: Gameplay Basics guide

How do I am and shoot?

To aim in Kill Shot Bravo, slide your finger across the left side of your screen. Once your aimed at the target, press the fire button to shoot. (The fire button is the big round button with a image of a bullet on the button right corner of your screen)

How do I use my weapon’s scope or sight?

To use the Weapon’s Scope or Sights during a Mission or PVP Match, use the zoom bar feature on the far right of the screen. Slide your finger in an upwards direction to zoom in using your Scope or slide your finger downwards to zoom further away with your Scope. Bringing up your ‘Sights’ increases your accuracy with Assault Rifles, Shotguns, and Machine Guns. Aiming with your Scope also zooms in if you’re using a Sniper Rifle.

It may also be helpful to note that you can use 2 fingers on the screen in a pinching motion to use the Scope or Sights feature.

How do I reload my weapon?

The Reload button is to the left of your Shoot button at the bottom right of the screen. Players must choose wisely when to Reload, as you cannot shoot again until you’ve finished Reloading the Weapon. Reloading at the wrong time can get you killed by an enemy Sniper or Knifeman, or may allow an enemy target to escape!
How do I switch weapons?

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You can find the Select Weapons button during a Mission at the bottom left corner of the screen. Tapping this button will cycle between your equipped Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and Machine Gun.

What are the different types of power-ups?

There are three types of Power-Ups available to help complete Missions and Events! These three types of Power-Ups are: Spotters, Slow-Mo, and Armor Piercing Bullets.

Each type of Power-Up can be purchased through different bundles in the Power-Ups Store menu. Once you use all of your specific Power-Ups, the only way to earn more is to purchase Power-Up Bundles,earning them during Events, or by completing Achievements!

  • Auto-Spotter: Instantly tags both enemy and friendly targets for the full duration of a Mission.
  • Slow-Mo: Boosts the Player’s adrenaline and slows-down targets’ movement for a limited duration during a Mission.
  • Armor Piercing Bullets: This Power-Up is so powerful that it’ll penetrate through the enemies’ armor and kill most targets with one shot! While Armor Piercing Bullets will not kill a Bounty target in one shot, it will increase the amount of damage dealt while this Power-Up is active!

How do I tag a enemy?

Players can tag an enemy target by equipping a Sniper Rifle and aiming directly at that enemy for a period of time. While aiming at the target, a Spotter Bar will appear under the Weapon’s cross-hair and will begin to fill up. Once the Spotter Bar is fully filled, the enemy target will now be tagged.

Certain Power-Ups, Perks, friends, and Alliance Members may help you tag an enemy during a Mission:

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Auto-Spotter Power-Ups: this consumable will instantly tag all enemy and friendly targets on the map for the full duration of a Mission.
Recon Perk: equipping this Perk will provide players a chance % to instantly tag enemies. This chance % is increased depending on the Rank of the Perk.
Friends and Alliance Members: During certain Missions, friends and Alliance Members may join you as a Support Spotter and may tag and shoot enemy targets.

I can’t find the target during a mission!

Enemies are sneaky. Turning on your Thermal Vision makes it easier to spot enemies by exposing their heat signatures. The Thermal button appears to the left of the Reload button when you using your Sniper Rifle. The Thermal Vision will run out after a few seconds; this Weapon part can be upgraded in the Weapon Upgrades menu to increase the duration of Thermal Vision.

You can also use an Auto-Spotter Power-Ups to highlight both enemies and friendly targets in the area. This Power-Up lasts the full duration of the Mission and will not run out.

Does the weather effects in the game affect my Weapon shots?

No, the weather effects in Kill Shot Bravo is purely cosmetic and for the Players’ immersion experience! Wind and rain do not affect your Weapons’ accuracy.

The Cross-hair sways too much while trying to aim with my Weapon!
Improving your Weapon’s Accuracy in the Upgrade menu will help steady the aim for that Weapon. This will be especially useful while you’re zoomed in with your Sniper Rifle’s Scope or with your other Weapons’ Sights!

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