Alliance Wars in Kill Shot Bravo is a special competitive mode where your Alliance is matched up against another for a 30 minute battle. As with Bounties, each opponent on the opposing team must be hunted down with a specific weapon type and killed to earn Victory Points.Continue Reading

Global Ops Missions in Kill Shot Bravo are Events where you compete with other players to earn Kill Coins. The higher you place among other players, the bigger the rewards you will earn! There is also a Leaderboard that shows Alliance placement; being part of a top rated Alliance willContinue Reading

What is Sniper Duel? What is Classic Sniper Duel? What is an Alliance PVP Duel? What are Gauntlets? What is a Flash Event? What are Ranks and Challenges? Where did my streak/score go? What are the different Map Modes in PVP? What is Sniper Duel? PVP Sniper Duel is aContinue Reading

An Alliance in Kill Shot Bravo is a group of players who have decided to band together to assist each other during Missions and Events! This allows for organized groups to earn more Rewards and participate in Events that may otherwise be unavailable.Continue Reading

How do I equip new Gear pieces? How do I purchase Gear? Will different Gear affect my Stats? What is Legendary Gear? What is Event Gear? What does the Thermal button in the Gear screen do? Gear Fusion How do I equip new Gear pieces? Tap the menu bar atContinue Reading

How do I purchase new Weapons? How do I Upgrade Weapons? Why is the Weapon I want not in the Weapon Shop? How many Weapons can I take into a Mission? How do I change my equipped Weapon during a Mission? Is it possible to reverse a Weapon Upgrade? CanContinue Reading