Kill Shot Bravo: Gears guide

How do I equip new Gear pieces?

  • Tap the menu bar at the top right of the screen.
  • Tap ‘Gear’.
  • Select the type of Gear you wish to equip.
  • Select the Gear piece you wish to equip.
  • Tap the ‘Equip’ button to equip the piece of Gear.

If the ‘Equip’ button is not displayed, it means that the specific piece of Gear is already equipped.

How do I purchase Gear?

  • Tap the menu bar at the top right of the screen.
  • Tap ‘Gear’.
  • Select the type of Gear you wish to purchase.
  • Select the Gear piece you wish to purchase.
  • Tap the currency type ‘Buy’ button to purchase the Gear.

Please note that some Gear pieces may be purchased with Medals, Buck, or Gold. Certain Gear pieces are also exclusive to achieving a certain Rank within the Leaderboard during Events!

Will different Gear affect my Stats?

In most cases, Gear is purely cosmetic in all Modes except PVP. There is a PVP Armored Map Mode where you can not be killed if your Opponent shoots your Armor.

That being said, the more unique Gear pieces you own, the higher your Gear Rating will be increased. You will require certain Gear Rating in order to unlock additional Perk Slots.

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What is Legendary Gear?

Legendary Gear is a set of Gear pieces that include a Helmet, Uniform, Kit, and Pads. Collecting and equipping each piece from a Legendary Gear Set will add Set Bonuses that may provide extra bonuses while you play!

What is Event Gear?

Event Gear can be earned by achieving certain Ranks within the Leaderboard during an Event. To view the Event Rewards:

  • Tap ‘Event’.
  • Tap ‘View Rewards’ from the left side of the screen.
  • The specific Event Rewards for the current Event will be displayed.

What does the Thermal button in the Gear screen do?

It shows weaknesses in your current Gear load-out so you can see where you are vulnerable in PVP.

Gear Fusion

With the exciting release of Kill Shot Bravo 2.9 version, we’ve made a new exhilarating system called Gear Fusion!

We now offer special Gear which can be leveled up by collecting duplicates of the same piece. This means, if you win these pieces multiple times from Events, they will become more valuable over time!

Please note that only specific Gear pieces can be leveled up by this Gear Fusion feature. Any Gear that does not feature this system, will not level up from duplicate pieces you may earn. While we are working very hard to provide more powerful Gear that uses this feature in the future, no substitutions can be offered for any Gear that does not offer Gear Fusion.

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