Z Day: Recruitment Badge

The Recruitment Badge is a new item updated in version 2.4.0, You can use the Recruitment Badges in the War Hero Hall to recruit War Heroes!

How can I check and use the Recruitment Badges?

You can check your Recruitment Badge in the “Other” tag in your inventory, but you are not able to use them directly from inventory.

You can also check your Recruitment Badge by visiting the War Hero Hall.

If you have enough Recruitment Badges, you can use them to recruit War Heroes in the War Hero Hall. The Recruitment Badges can be used to recruit APPRENTICE or ADVANCED heroes, (APPRENTICE costs 1 badge, ADVANCED costs 5 badges).

How do I get more Recruitment Badges?

Currently, you can get the Recruitment Badges by going on Hero Expeditions. In game, the entrance to the Hero Expeditions mission is at the helicopter.

After you clear Area 22 in Hero Expeditions, there will be a chance to get Recruitment Badges!

What is the difference between the Recruitment Badge and the Service Bugle? Is there a higher level badge than the Recruitment Badge?

Both the Recruitment Badge and the Service Bugle can be used to recruit War Heroes in the War Hero Hall, the main difference is that Recruitment Badges are used to recruit heroes of APPRENTICE and ADVANCED quality, while Service Bugles are used to recruit MASTER quality War Heroes.

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Besides the Recruitment Badges and the Service Bugles, there are no other higher level items for recruiting War Heroes.

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