Z Day: The Northern Front

The Northern Front is a new map, available for players with headquarter level 19 or higher, in which they will be able to gather Ice Crystals from Ice Crystal Mines. Players from different Regions will be able to join the same Northern Front and compete against each other to win great rewards.

How to join the Northern Front?

The Northern Front event is an event that can be accessed from the event center by paying a 100 gold fee.

Once you have paid the fee you will have to wait for the beginning of next round, you can check the timing from the Northern Front Event tab.

When the timer has ended, tap on “ENTER” to be teleported on random coordinates in the Northern Front map

What to do in Northern Front?

Your goal is to gather a maximum of Ice Crystals from Ice Crystal Mines (level 1 to 4),for that simply send troops to gather on the mines. Players in the Northern Front are ranked based on the number of Ice Crystals they can gather by the end of the round.

What will happen if I attack other players?

You can either attack another Commander’s base in the Northern Front, if the Commander is defeated his base will be teleported away (random coordinates) and his gathering troops sent back to his base.

Or attack a Ice Crystal Mine occupied by another commander, if you win the battle your remaining troops will start gathering on the mine you conquered.

The Northern Front rules:

1. Headquarters level 19 or above is required to enter.

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2. Each Expedition is divided into multiple Rounds. Each Commander can only participate in one Round and must Enroll in advance.

3. The terrain of the Northern Front contains different levels of Crystal Mines. The higher the level of a Crystal Mine, the faster the Ice Crystal gathering rate will be. Rankings are given according to the amount of Ice Crystals gathered.

4. There’s only enough room for one army to gather Ice Crystals from a Crystal Mine at any given time, so watch your back when gathering!

5. Professor Lang’s technology has ensured any troops killed will be counted as wounded and placed in the Region Hospital.

6. The healing speed in the Region Hospital is faster than other Hospitals and resources are not required to heal troops. When transport closes at the end of the Expedition, all wounded troops will be healed automatically.

7. Ranking rewards are sent via mail at the end of the Expedition.

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