Z Day: Alliance Campaign

Alliance Campaign, also called AvA Event, is held on the weekend, every other week. Gather enough ore to perfect the Doomsday Device, and show your steel-like will before the invaders arise!

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Registration Period:

Tap the Event Center and choose Alliance Campaign, only the alliance leader can represent the whole alliance and register for the Alliance Campaign.

The leader can cancel the registration at any time during the registration period.

Requirements for registration:

a) Only the leader can register or cancel

b) The alliance needs to reach a certain power

c) The alliance needs to hold an Alliance HQ

Matching Period:

After the registration, all alliances registered will be matched into different groups by the system. The matching list will be ready before the alliance campaign starts.

For some situations, your alliance may fail to be matched:

a) Alliance HQ is destroyed during the matching period

b) Alliance Rank (power) has dropped out of the top 10 during the matching period

Campaign Period:

When the campaign starts, ore will be distributed to each alliance according to how many alliance buildings they hold. The more alliance buildings (Alliance HQ, Tower, War Room, etc…) an alliance holds, the more ore will be distributed at the beginning.

During this period, as soon as an alliance building is demolished, the ore left in the building will be distributed to the other alliances in the group.

From the event button on the lower right side, you can check the alliance list and the status of the alliances such as the current ore amount, score, ranking, etc. You can choose an alliance and go to the coordinates or teleport to the area nearby and attack. You can also garrison in your alliance building to defend your ore from being robbed. However, you can only send one troop at most in a march or rally against a rival alliance building.

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There are two types of rewards, alliance rewards according to alliance score and individual rewards according to individual score. The alliance leader can distribute the rewards to alliance members manually after the campaign ends.

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