War Heroes can be obtained from rewards or through recruitment. You can appoint them and increase your power. With higher level heroes, your power level will also rise due to the greater benefits they bring to you. What’s more, when you have appointed a special combination of heroes, you willContinue Reading

The Bomber will be unlocked after Epic Mission Section 3. It’s an indispensable power, whether you’re gathering resources, slaying monsters, attacking, or defending. Along with the Bomber’s level, skill level upgrades, skill enhancement, and the usage of bomber parts, your power will be increased greatly. Bomber level and status AtContinue Reading

Alliance Campaign, also called AvA Event, is held on the weekend, every other week. Gather enough ore to perfect the Doomsday Device, and show your steel-like will before the invaders arise! Registration Period: Tap the Event Center and choose Alliance Campaign, only the alliance leader can represent the whole allianceContinue Reading

The Northern Front is a new map, available for players with headquarter level 19 or higher, in which they will be able to gather Ice Crystals from Ice Crystal Mines. Players from different Regions will be able to join the same Northern Front and compete against each other to winContinue Reading

The Recruitment Badge is a new item updated in version 2.4.0, You can use the Recruitment Badges in the War Hero Hall to recruit War Heroes! How can I check and use the Recruitment Badges? You can check your Recruitment Badge in the “Other” tag in your inventory, but youContinue Reading

Triumph Pass is a brand new feature introduced in version 2.11.0. Join the Triumph Pass Event to win rare rewards and resources that will help you develop your Base!Continue Reading

This guide will provide an in depth look into the Supersoldier and the associated Abandoned Facility. Utilising the Supersoldier can provide many benefits but it can be complex to understand at first. This guide should hopefully help you navigate the Abandoned Facility and get the most out of it!Continue Reading

Technology is one of our primary productive forces. In Z Day, Technology provides unquestionable power to players. There are 2 kinds of Technology: Research Lab Technology and Alliance Technology. By researching them, you gain more and more benefits, and greater power.Continue Reading