The Newbie Guide for The Ants: Underground Kingdom

Newbie Shield

If you just created an account, you will get a newbie shield – the newbie shield will protect your formicary from enemy attacks. However, this newbie shield is not permanent, it will take effect only if the queen hasn’t exceeded level 8 within 3 days after creation. Once the queen is upgraded to level 8 or the creation time has exceeded 3 days, the newbie shield will disappear.

Formicary Location

You can build your Formicary freely. Planning your Formicary wisely can improve your operational efficiency. You can move the position of the constructed building by long pressing the building.

Ant Tunnel

Worker Ants can only move on the ant path, so all buildings must be connected by the ant paths as well. How to build an ant path: Click Build at the bottom right of the interface to find the Digging button to dig a new ant path. How to fill an ant path: Click Build at the bottom right of the interface, you can find the button of Tunnel-Filling, click the button and select a target ant path to finish filling it.


If you accidentally dig the wrong ant path, don’t worry, you can still restore the ant path by filling it with dirt. You can only fill in the open space outside the ant path and buildings. Click Build at the bottom right of the interface, you can find the Backfilling button. Click it and select a target ant path to complete backfilling.

Alliance Evolution

A strong alliance can’t be built without the support of advanced technology. By researching alliance evolution, you can increase the evolution value, increase the max capacity of alliance members, the speed of evolution research, resource production and power, etc. 1. Research on alliance evolution can gain alliance evolution value, thus increasing the max capacity of alliance members. 2. The increase in alliance evolution is effective for all alliance members. See Alliance Evolution for details of the increase. 3. Individuals can earn alliance contributions through alliance evolution, which can be used to buy items in the alliance store, where items are very cost-effective.


Currently, there are 7 major resources in the game: meat, water, plants, wet soil, sand, fungus, and honeydew. Meat: You can build Woodhouse Colony to get meat and build Meat Storeroom to store them.

Water: You can build Spring to get water and build Water Storeroom to store them.

Plants: You can build Plant Flora to obtain plants and build Plant Storeroom to store them.

Wet soil: You can build Wet soil Pile to obtain wet soil and build Wet Soil Storeroom to store them.

Fungus: You can breed Leaf-cutting ants to obtain fungi and build Fungus Storeroom to store them. Sand: You can build Sand Pile to obtain sand and build Sand Storeroom to store them.

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Honeydew: You can obtain honeydew by breeding Aphids.

Safe resources and Non-safe resources

1. What are Safe Resources and Non-safe resources?

Safe resources:

These Resources cant be taken by enemies. You can obtain safe resources by using resource items, map resource collection, rapid production, or plundering enemy ant nests, etc. You can store them in warehouses or within the resource protection area of Cultivator Class. The possibility of resource assistance to other members of the alliance.

Non-secure resources:

These resources can be taken by enemies. You can obtain safe resources by using resource items, map resource collection, rapid production, or plundering enemy ant nests, etc. They are displayed at the top of the main interface, and the extra part beyond the resource protection can be plundered by enemies. Such resources can be given to other alliances, and will also be consumed by soldier ants, where Guardian Ants and Shooter Ants consume meat, while Carrier Ants consume plants.

2. How are Security Resources and Non-safe resources consumed?

The consumption of Security Resources is the same as that of Non-Security Resources, which can be used for building upgrades, training Soldier Ants, etc.

When you have both Safety Resources and Non-Safety Resources, priority will be given to consuming Non-Safety Resources.

3. What are the benefits of Safe Resources?

  • Safe Resources can’t be scouted by other players
  • Safe resources can’t be taken away by other players
  • The meat and plants in Safe Resources wont be consumed by the Guardian Ants, Shooter Ants and Carrier Ants.

Rapid Production

Research the technology “Rapid Production” in Evolved Fungus Flora, which can make the resource building obtain the ability of Rapid Production, after using it, you can obtain a large number of resources in a short time.

The more times you use Rapid Production, the lower the success rate will be. The production success rate will gradually recover over time. Click Any Resource Building – Rapid to perform Rapid Production and check the current Rapid Production success rate.

If Rapid Production fails, you wont get resources and the production efficiency of the building will be reduced.

Tips: To obtain Aphid’s Rapid Production, you need to station “Myrmoteras Iriodum” Special Ants in Aphid and unlock the third skill of Myrmoteras Iriodum Honeydew Rapid Gathering, which will unlock Aphid’s Rapid Production.

Increase Honeydew Production

Honeydew production is related to Number of Ants Needed to Breed Aphids, Aphid level, and Fungi.

To increase the number of colonies, you need to raise Aphids and the level of Aphids. To ensure the number of colonies needed to raise Aphids, you need to ensure that sufficient colonies by upgrading Soldier Ant Nests. Sufficient meat, water and fungus supply are needed to maximize honeydew production. (Ensure sufficient plant transportation for Leaf-cutter Ants to make sure sufficient supply fungus supply).

If the current ant colonies reaches the value of Total Ants Needed for Raising Aphids, then the production efficiency of the aphids will reach the highest efficiency, which will in crease the production of honeydew.

Tips: You can also get honeydew quickly in the following ways.

  1. Complete the main quest
  2. Exchange it for other resources in the Ladybug Habitat
  3. Participate in some in-game activities

Sentinel Ants

Sentinel Ants are responsible for sentry duty. They can detect enemies and are essential for scouting and guarding nests.

By upgrading Sentinel Ants, you can unlock more scouting information.

Worker Ants

Strong and powerful Worker Ants are responsible for building nests. By building Worker Ant Habitat, more Worker Ants can be born and the queue of Worker Ant Queue in the nest can be increased. By upgrading Worker Ant Nest, you can increase the number of ants in the colony.

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Ant troops

Currently, there are 3 major types of Soldier Ants in the game: Guardian Ants, Shooter Ants, and Carrier Ants.

Build Shooter Ant Nest, Guardian Ant Nest and Carrier Ant Nest to hatch Shooter Ants, Guardian Ants and Carrier Ants respectively.

By upgrading the nests of these 3 ant species, you can unlock higher-level ant species and more hatching amount.

By clicking the exclamation mark in the upper right corner of the ant species, you can check the properties and current quantity of the related soldier ants.

Tips: Level 9 Guardian Ant, Shooter Ant and Carrier Ant need to complete the corresponding evolution to unlock. For details, click Evolved Fungus Flora – Guardian Ant Hatch / Shooter Ant Hatch / Carrier Ant Hatch – Unlock Level 9 Guardian Ant / Unlock Level 9 Shooter Ant / Unlock Level 9 Carrier Ant.

Enhance Ant Troops

You can enhance Ant Troops by investing research in Evolved Fungus Flora. After researching the corresponding Evolution, you can enhance Ant Troops. You can research Guardian Ant Mutation I/II Shooter Ant Mutation I/II Carrier Ant Mutation I/II in Basic Combat, and Guardian Ant Mutation III Shooter Ant Mutation III.

Carrier Ant Mutation III in the corresponding Soldier Ant Hatch to enhance Soldier Ants.

Main Task and Daily Task

You can enter the quest page by clicking the ‘Quest’ icon at the bottom right of the game page. The main task is an individual one, and you can receive rewards on this page after completing the task.

After joining the Alliance, you can open Daily Task, you can get the corresponding points after completing the task, and you can get the corresponding rewards in the daily mission interface.

Plunder Resources

You can plunder the enemys resources (excluding Honeydew) when you win an attack. Only attackers with plundering attributes can plunder the defending sides honeydew when they win an attack. The resources that can be plundered depend on the weight of your queue and the resource protection of your opponent.

Attack and Scout

Click on other non-alliance player’s nest or building on the map, select Invade to send troops to attack, or select Scout to scout, which will bring you a battle report or scout report when your team reaches the destination.

Battle Report: Contains battle results, claimed loot and experience, and battle details.

Scout Report: As the level of the Sentinel Ant increases, the more detailed the report will. The details of the scouting effect for each level of Sentinel Ant can be found in the Sentinel Ant interface.

The scout report contains the coordinates of the target, remaining resources, nest stamina value, troop strength, etc. Such information helps you plunder resources and greatly increase the winning rate of the attack.


  1. When the scouted target has used the Anti-Scout item, then you won’t be able to scout any information about the target.
  2. If the player has turned on Peace Shield, you cant attack or scout the target.


When attacking a specific target such as a small lizard or other player’s nest, you can gather Alliance members to attack together. You can invite your allies to join the rally by building a Ant Troop Transport Channel. Raising the level of the Ant Troop Transport Channel will increase the maximum number of people you can gather, allowing more allies to participate in the attack.

When attacking specific targets such as “Little Lizards’ or enemy bases, you can gather your teammates to attack together.

Upgrading Ant Troop Transport Channel will increase the maximum number of allies you can rally, allowing more teammates to attack together.

Alliance Support

After building an Alliance Habitat, members from the same Alliance can help each other out. The Alliance Ant Habitat is a building where Alliance members can help each other and claim Alliance Salary. Helping each other and developing together is the key to success!

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There are currently 3 types of nest relocation items in the game.

Advanced Teleport: Click on the empty land in the world map and choose Teleport to spend 2000 diamonds or 1 Advanced Teleport item to relocate. After relocating, all your troops will return to your Formicary.

Random Teleport: Using Random Teleport in your backpack will move your Formicary to a random coordinate in your region.

Alliance Teleport: You can get an Alliance Teleport when you join an alliance for the first time. You need an invitation from R4 or R5 in the alliance before moving your formicary. Then click on Accept in the invitation letter in Mail – Alliance.


  1. Advanced Teleport can avoid other players troops from attacking you.
  2. If you are prompted with an unknown error after teleporting, please try switching your network or changing your location.

Injured and Dead Soldier Ants

After a battle, ants will be divided into 4 categories: number of killed/number of lightly injured/number of seriously injured/survived. If you have an Ant healing Pool, some of the injured ants will enter the pool and wait for recovery, so you can use resources and a small amount of time to get them back into the battle. However, the pool has a limited capacity.

Slightly Injured: Slightly injured Soldier Ants are temporarily incapacitated, but they will recover when they return to the nest.

Seriously Injured: Severely injured Soldier Ants need to be sent to the Healing Pool for treatment, and those that can’t receive treatment will die.

Resource Point and Gather

How to find resource points?

Players can search manually on the map, or click the magnifying glass on the left side of the big map to select search conditions and then search.

Resource Point Types

  • Woodlouse Colony: [Meat] can be gathered here
  • Bush: [Plants] can be gathered here
  • Wet Soil Pile: [Wet soil] can be gathered here
  • Sand Pile: [Sand] can be gathered here
  • Diamond: [Diamond] can be gathered here

Gathering Load

It is recommended that you send level 1 or 2 Carrier Ants to gather, as their load is higher compared to other troop ants of the same level.

Gather Method

After finding a resource point on the map, click Gather to start gathering resources. It will take a certain amount of time for the marching party to complete the resource gathering, and your marching party will return to your lair with the resources after finishing the gathering.


When there are too many resources or when the resources needed for upgrading are larger than the warehouse limit, you have to upgrade the warehouse or build more warehouses to provide the storage limit.

Click on the [Build] button at the bottom right corner of the main base interface, then click on the various resources button to choose to build the resource and the warehouse to store the resource.

Stamina 8 Stamina Value

March Unit stamina: Each marching column has 100 stamina, and the March Unit will consume a certain amount of stamina when marching. When the March Unit is idle at theb”Rally Center”, it can rest and slowly recover its stamina.

Nest Durability: The Formicary has a fixed stamina value. You can upgrade the Formicary Entrance to increase the Formicary Stamina. When the Formicary is attacked, it will lose a certain amount of stamina. When the endurance value is decreased to O, the nest will be forced to move randomly.

The Formicary Stamina can be restored over time or repaired directly with diamonds.

Formicary Protection

It protects your Formicary from being attacked and scouted by others but doesn’t protect your troops that are out gathering and stationing.

How to get it?

You can get it through in-game or store purchases.

The nest protection status will be lifted when the duration of nest protection is zero, or when the attack or scouting operation is carried out while the nest protection is on.

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