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Alliance is a group that is formed by players. Players live together and participate in large-scale events based on Alliance.

  1. Alliance battle: Once a member starts or suffers an attack, all members can get marching information. If necessary, you could join the rally initiated by allies in Alliance Warfare.
  2. Alliance Help: You could ask allies for help in building, upgrading and researching Evolution. After being helped, the time required for upgrades, construction or research will be shortened.
  3. Alliance Mail: You could send messages to your allies.
  4. Alliance Evolution: The alliance provides a variety of evolutions, which are divided into two categories: develop and combat. All members can profit from evolution bonuses. Evolution upgrade requires a donation of resources by members, and the upgrade can be achieved after meeting the requirements.
  5. Comment: Alliance members can leave a message for everyone or publish Alliance related message.


  1. Salary: Alliance salary is divided into active/attendance/contribution rewards. Active – Complete the daily tasks on the active page to get points. When the points reach a certain value, you can receive corresponding rewards. Daily tasks will be reset at World Time 0:00. The tasks and rewards are random. Attendance – When the number of attendance of the alliance reaches a certain number, alliance members can claim corresponding rewards. The more attendance, the richer the reward. Contribution – Donate resources to Alliance Evolution to receive Alliance Contribution Points. When the Alliance Contribution Points reach a certain number, alliance members can receive corresponding rewards.
  2. Gift: Every time an alliance member purchases the Paid Pack, other alliance members can get an Alliance Gift. When each member opens the Alliance Gifts, the level of Alliance gift will be increased. As the level of the alliance gifts increases, the content of the Alliance Gifts becomes richer.
  3. Store: Alliance members can purchase items by spending Alliance Contribution Points in Alliance Store. R4/R5 members can place items in Alliance Store by using Alliance Points, and other members can purchase these items.
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Alliance Contribution and Alliance Points

Alliance Contribution and Alliance Points are key items for Alliance Store. You could tap Alliance – Evolution to donate resources to receive the corresponding Alliance Contribution and Alliance Points. Alliance Contribution is used for purchasing items in Alliance Store. Players can receive Alliance Contribution by donating resources to Alliance Evolution. You could view your Alliance Contribution in the Alliance Store, and you can also spend Alliance Contribution to purchase items in the Alliance Store. Alliance Contribution is bound to the players account. After changing the alliance, the Alliance Contribution won’t be Reset.

Alliance Points used to supplement alliance store items, currently, only R4 and R5 can supplement alliance store items. If you’re an R4 or R5 member, please tap Alliance – Store – Items List and choose the corresponding items to supplement. When the Alliance dismisses, the Alliance points will be cleared.

Alliance Evolution and Alliance Donation

Alliance Evolution

The donation of resources by alliance members can improve the progress of alliance evolution. There are various evolutions, and all members can profit from Evolution bonuses.

Way to donate:

Tap Alliance – Evolution, choose available evolution and tap the resource button at the bottom of the screen to donate. Players can also donate directly by using diamonds.

Quit Alliance

R1 – R4 members can tap Alliance – Manage – Quit Alliance to quit your alliance. If the leader (R5) wants to leave the current alliance, he has to first transfer the leader’ to other members in the alliance before leaving the alliance, otherwise, he can only expel all members before dismissing the alliance.

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  1. Can you make an Alliance with another swarm? Commander Leader ally with another Commander Leader? A swarm Alliance.

  2. Doesn’t work I tried it..If you know how I can make it work please send instructions there is no withdrawal and dissolve doesn’t work I feel stuck in never never land with no one..

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