The Ants: Underground Kingdom – Special Ants

How to obtain Special Ant?

Players can build Special Ant Nest after the Queen reaches Lv.4. Use different levels of Mutant Egg in Special Ant Nest to randomly hatch Special Ant or receive Superior Honeydew. 2. Special Ant obtained repeatedly will be automatically converted into corresponding Special Ant Shell Remains. 3. The quality of Special Ants from low to high is Green-Blue-Purple-Orange. The higher the quality, the stronger the strength of the Special Ants. 4. Use Normal Mutant Egg to Normal Hatch; use Advanced Mutant Egg to Advanced Hatch; use Supreme Mutant Egg to Supreme Hatch.

Special Ant upgrade

Way to upgrade Special Ant: 1. Defeat Wild Creatures to receive Exp when Special Ant leads the troop, and multiple Special Ants will get the same Exp when participating in the battle at the same time. 2. Tap “+” to upgrade Special Ant by using Superior Honeydew on the interface of Special Ant.

The role of Special Ant

Special Ants are very important to you. Special Ants are divided into two types: combat and development according to their characteristics. You could form a formation in Special Ant Habitat and send Special Ants to lead troops out; you could also station suitable Special Ants in the nest building to improve the efficiency of nest construction. 1. You could form Special Ant in Rally Center and execute various marching or combat commands in squads. 2. Station special ant in Special Ant Habitat to activate the corresponding skill effects.

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Station Special Ant

You could use Leadership in Special Ant Habitat to station Special Ants in buildings so that their skills can be activated. Leadership Special Ants need to be stationed with Leadership. When the Leadership reaches the max capacity, they can’t continue to station. The higher the quality of the Special Ant sent to station, the higher the leadership requires. The max capacity of Leadership can be increased by upgrading Special Ant Habitat. Station Recommendation: Special Ant Stationing can be divided into 3 categories according to their roles: Produce, Military Affairs, and Manage. We will recommend a stationing plan for you based on your existing Special Ant skills. Station Skill The buff of Special Ant will be activated when Special Ant stations in specific buildings. If some Special Ants have active skills, they can be used by taping the Skills button on the stationed building.

Special Ant Shell Remains and Mutant Spores

Special Ant Shell Remains can unlock Special Ants’ skill. And can also be exchanged for Mutant Spores in the Special Ant Mutation Pool. Decompose Special Ants and complete some events to obtain Special Ant Shell Remains. Special Ant obtained repeatedly will be automatically converted into corresponding Special Ant Shell Remains. Mutant Spores used to improve the skill level of Special Ant, which can be obtained through Special Ant Mutation Pool, events, pack, etc.

Special Ant Habitat

In the Special Ant Habitat, you can make Special Ants to station in specific buildings, allowing the Special Ants skills to be effective. Leadership: Leadership is required to station Special Ants, and when leadership reaches the max limit, it will not be possible to continue stationing. The Leadership limit can be increased by upgrading the Special Ant Nest. Station Skill: If the Stationed Special Ants have active skills, you can tap the skill button on the stationed building to use them.

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Special Ant Mutation Pool

Special Ant Shell Remains Use: The Special Ant Shell Remains can be used to unlock the Special Ant skills, and can also be exchanged for Mutant Eggs in the Special Ant Mutation Pool. Receive: 1. Decompose Special Ants or complete some events missions to get Special Ant Shell Remains 2. When you hatch a same Special Ant, the duplicate Special Ant will be automatically transformed into the Special Ant Shell Remains

How to decompose Special Ant

Tap Special Ants at the bottom left of the screen, choose the Special Ant you want to decompose, tap the book button(Story). There is a decomposed ICON at the bottom left of the screen. Tap this button to decompose Special Ant. Attention: only the Special Ants in idle can be decomposed, and they will disappear permanently after decomposition!

Special Ant Skills

Special Ant skills are divided into two types: development skills and combat skills. Development skills

  1. Development Skills require Special Ant to be stationed in specific buildings before they can be activated, which is helpful for base development.
  2. Development skills marked “active” have special effects. The special effects can only take effect after the Special Ants are stationed and actively use this skill. There is a cool down time after use.
  3. There are many types of development attributes under development skills, such as support, gather, military, etc. Combat skills
    • Combat skills are one of the keys to victory in a battle.
    • Combat skills are activated by Special Ants themselves in battle.
    • There are many types of combat attributes under combat skills, such as melee, range, support, etc.
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Definition of range

Each Special Ant’s combat skills have an effective attack range. When the combat skills are activated, only targets within the effective range will be attacked.

A marching queue can carry a maximum of 3 Special Ants, and each of them will lead a squad. The squads are the front line, middle line, and backline according to the order of formation, and the distance between each squad is 1.

For example:

When the two armies are facing each other, the positions on the battlefield are: Our side: backline – middle line – front line VS Enemy side: front line – middle line – backline.

The attack range of a Special Ant on your side is 2. Put the squad led by it in the front line and it can attack the enemy’s frontline and middle line. If we put the squad led by it in the middle line and it only can attack the enemy’s front line. If we put the squad led by it in the backline and it can’t attack any enemy squad.

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  2. How do i get my unit special ant to 100k? I have maxed out GA and JJ but only get 96k space even if level 50

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