The Ants: Underground Kingdom – Units and Combat

March Unit

Destruction value

The destruction value of a March Unit is the ability of the March Unit to destroy the enemy Formicary. Each unit will have a destruction value. The destruction value is influenced by the heroes from the Special Ants, Soldier Ants, Soldier Ant levels, and Soldier Ant population.

Destruction value for the same situation: Guardian Ants > Shooter Ants > Carrier Ants.

After the Attacker wins, the Defender’s Formicary Stamina will take damage equal to the Destruction value of the Attacker’s March Units.


The formation is divided into the front line, middle line, and backline, which are served by three squads in the March Units.

1. Front Line

The first squad in the March Unit is the first squad in the line, closest to the enemys soldiers, and directly confronts the enemys front line.

2. Middle Line

The second squad in the March Unit is the second squad in the line, behind the front line.

3. Back Line

The third squad in the March Unit is the last in the line and is located in the last line.

Special Ants combat skills are limited in distance, so arrange their positions in the queue properly to maximize their strength.

March Unit Stamina

  1. The March Unit Stamina is 100.
  2. The March Unit will consume a certain amount of stamina when they go out (stamina consumption will vary depending on the objective of the March Unit)
  3. When the March Unit rests in the Rally Center, it will slowly recover its stamina.
  4. Use item [food] to restore the physical strength of the March Unit ([food] can be obtained through the purchase of gift packs).
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Battle rules

Attack distance

Normal attacks and combat skills have a specific distance limit. The distance between each squad and the enemy is different according to the soldiers formation. When fighting against each other there are three rows for each side of the enemy, totaling six rows of combat squads. The first row is the front row, the second group is the middle row, and the third group is the back row.

  1. Normal attacks only attack the closest target.
  2. The target of combat skills depends on the effective distance of the skill or the specific object.

Nest defense and attack

The nest combat method is nest combat

Attacking side.

  1. Need only to send 1 marching party to the defender’s formicary to trigger the battle.
  2. Must defeat all defending troops to win.
  3. If you win the invasion, you will cause damage to the defenders formicary in terms of stamina.
  4. If you win, you can grab resources, and the March Unit led by [Plunder] habit can also grab [Honeydew].

Defending side.

  1. The defending side can send up to four squads to fight, and the squad sequence corresponds to the March Unit one by one.
  2. During the battle, the defending team will fight in order according to the queue set in the [Station] at the [Formicary]. The defense will be successful if any one team wins.
  3. If the defending unit doesnt enter the battle, some of the soldiers who are not involved in the defense will be injured due to defeat.
  4. If the defense fails, the formicary stamina value will be destroyed. If the durability is decreased to zero, the formicary will relocate randomly on the map.
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Winning condition: If the defender’s formicary is wiped out (the defender’s formicary is broken), the invasion is won.

Formicary Durability

  1. [Formicary Durability] is affected by the level of the Formicary Entrance, the higher the level of the Formicary Entrance, the higher the Formicary Durability.
  2. You can check your own and other players [Formicary Durability] directly on the map, click on other players’ Formicary to see their remaining percentage of stamina, click on your Formicary to see the remaining stamina.
  3. Winning the invasion will reduce the nest guardian’s stamina value, and the nest guardian’s nest will have an [broken] effect. A broken nest will have its stamina reduced over time. If the invasion fails, it will not be reduced.
  4. Stamina value will be restored slowly over time if it is not full; you can also use diamonds to recover the stamina.
  5. When the Formicary Stamina value is decreased to zero, the formicary will be automatically relocated at random, and 500 stamina values will be restored after landing at the new location.
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  1. Dear under ground kingdom. May I ask for in-depth rules on counter attack and counter defence on the bugs.

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