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What is Strongest Warzone?

Strongest Warzone is one of the first cross-server Events, accessible at Benefits Center. The one-on-one Event lasts for / days each time Each day the Warzone with more points wins.

Points each day will be accumulated and 7 days later the one with more points win the final reward. Every Ruler gaining 3,000 points of the winning Warzone each day will get the Wining Rewards.

Winning Rewards

Tremendous winning rewards for winning Warzone each day.

How to gain points?

Strongest Warzone begins at UTC 00:00 each day. The first half hour (00:00-00:30) is preparation. You will not gain points at the time. After preparation today’s task will be shown and points will count as you finish certain tasks. The Warzone with more points wins. When it begins, there will be designated tasks each day. Complete them to gain points. The Warzone with more points wins.

Upgrade Building

Upgrade Building to Ircrease Building Powser and gain points to win rewards.

Are there any tactics?

  1. First of all, do not waste Creature Remains but put all of them into Warzone Development especially if you are Cultivator.
  2. Research Middle Rewards in Warzone Development to unlock Stage 4-6 rewards. Get it done at the first place to gain more rewards. The higher stage gives more rewards.
  3. Before finishing tasks, use Raspberry to gain more points. Its recommended to combine 4 Normal Raspberries into 1 Advanced, which doubles your points for 30 minutes.
  4. Rmb to do Colony Action in the meantime. For example, on the Upgrade Building day, hold your Speedups for Colony Action to gain more rewards. Stage 3 is not so difficult. This applies to Evolution task either.
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Gather Resource:

For Cultivators its not something to achieve the first 3 stages of Gather Resource. Strongest Warzone is made for them. For gathering costs no rss, just send out your troops and they will do. Other tasks may cost rss and Speedups.

For other tasks, you have to hold your Speedups and rss. So try not to use items when its not necessary. Its the same for rss items. Okay to use up your storeroom rss though, for too much in the depot will be raiders gift. But rss items should be taken care of. Don’t use up all your rss items and Speedups for rushing. Leave some for Events.

Upgrade Building

For this task, you have to know which buildings have larger power leap. First is Queen, then the 3 Ant Nests. For they got a longer time to be upgraded so more power and points to be gained.

Don’t finish upgrading them out of Event, hold them for the right time.

You may get preparation before the Event by rough calculation of time and rss needed. Before finishing tasks, rmb to use Raspberry to gain more points.


Giant Turtle Ant is recommended for this. Unlock its Skills IV 8. VIII to massively improve building efficiency and Skills VI 8. VII to reduce required rss for building.

Strengthen Special Ant

For this, rmb to store Hatch Eggs, Superior Honeydew and Spores. Hatch Soldier Ant. For this, Speedups are to be saved.


  • Sea Urchin Spikey Ant—Reduce rss, speed and number up for hatching Carriers.
  • Flat Turtle Ant—Reduce rss, speed and number up for hatching Guardians.
  • Acid Ant—Reduce rss, speed and number up for hatching Shooters.
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Warzone Development Evolution

It will be a watershed for it gives a large bonus on points. If you dont want to lag behind, finish them ASAP. Three Main Evolutions of Warzone Development

  1. Some could help you gain more points, such as Points Up, Gathering Points and Hunting Points.
  2. Middle Rewards for unlocking Stage 4-6 rewards.
  3. Double Rewards for getting double when claiming personal rewards (not including claimed rewards).


Do not waste Creature Remains but put all of them into Warzone Development.

The main source of Creature Remains is Strongest Warzone. 200 of them at stage 3 of personal goal.

It could be 1k Remains for one Evolution. So if you don’t use them for unlocking Stage 4-6 rewards, you may lag behind a lot.

With more stages unlocked, you will be able to get more Creature Remains and rss to research higher Evolutions of Warzone Development. Thats a virtuous circle.

Pay close attention to Rewards and Evolution!

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