Hero Wars: Hero Skins

Each hero in Hero Wars has one default skin which is available once the hero is acquired, and several special ones, which can be acquired during some of the in-game events or purchased. Upgrading a skin level will grant a bonus to one of the hero’s stats.

All skins provide these bonuses regardless of which one is currently equipped. It you have unlocked an additional skin for your hero, you can change the appearance of the hero accordingly To do this, go to the “Skins. tab and tap the skin you’ve chosen.

A checkmark will appear in the upper right corner of the skin tab and the appearance of the hero will change.

All of the available skins provide the slat bonuses regardless of which one is active. In other words, regardless of which skin is active, bonuses from all forms will be taken into account in the hero’s parameters.

So upgrading hero’s skins will increase the overall power of said hero, regardless of which is currently equipped. It would be wise to focus on upgrading the basic skin first. Increasing the level of the basic skin gives a higher increase in the hero slats than upgrading any of the additional skins. In addition, upgrading the basic skin will cost you fewer skin stones.

Skin stones, which you can use to upgrade skins or buy new ones, can be obtained by defeating bosses in Outland:

  • Illysa the Weaver – Strength Skin Stones.
  • Brog the Conqueror-Agility Skin Stone,
  • Vadjar the Incinerator – Intelligence Skin Stones.

Skin stones can be obtained from chests in Outland, alter defeating one of the bosses. Each additional skin of the hero adds him a certain special stet. While choosing which of the additional skins to unlock, you need to take into consideration what exactly your hero lacks most at the moment.

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