Chibi Island: Merchant Harbor

Merchant Harbor in Chibi Island is the place where you exchange resources for gold, experience, and valuable high-level materials. You unlock the Harbor at level 11 with the corresponding task.

Merchant Harbor has an airship with three different holds of crates to fill:

Whenever you load a crate, you receive a reward with gold and experience.

The more holds of crates you fill before the airship departs, the bigger the reward you receive:

  • No holds are filled – no rewards are granted.
  • One hold is filled – the first reward is granted.
  • Two holds are filled – the first and second rewards are granted.
  • All three holds are filled – all three rewards are granted.

You have 15 hours to send the airship. Once sent, the airship returns in 5 hours. You can use gems to skip the waiting time.

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