Chibi Island: Iron and gold ingots

To complete some quests in game Chibi Island, you need iron and gold ingots. You can get them in special buildings. In this guide, you will learn how to get these resources.

Iron ingots are made in the Foundry.

Gold ingots are made in the Golden Crucible.

You need to load each building with a certain number of resources to produce ingots. There are 3 different sizes of resources. Each of them grants a particular number of points that fill the bar. Once you get enough points, ingots are added to your inventory.

When the bar gets full, the building overheats, and it needs some time to cool down before you can produce more ingots.

The cooldown for the Foundry is 10 minutes and 30 minutes for the Golden Crucible. You can also use dry ice to cool them down instantly.

Gold ingots can be sold. To sell them, open your inventory, tap the ingot, and choose Sell. Each gold ingot costs 1000 coins.

The resources required to produce ingots will be exhausted sooner or later. When it happens, you can produce iron ore in the Research Lab. As for gold, it’s a finite resource, so once you run out of it on your island, you won’t be able to obtain more.

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