Chibi Island: Workers guide

Workers in Chibi Island are required to create items in industrial buildings and farms. You can see the total number of workers and how many are available at the moment in the upper left corner next to the experience bar.

You can increase the number of workers by constructing housing for them. It is found in the Building shop under the tab with an icon of a worker.

  • Tent, available at level 6: +2 workers;
  • Small House, available at level 10: +3 workers;
  • House, available at level 11: +5 workers;
  • Mansion, available at level 14: +8 workers.

Currently, the maximum number of workers in the game is 108.

To find out how many workers are required to start a single production, you need to tap the building — the number will be near the structure’s name on the left. For example, to start a single production in the Spinning Mill, you need 7 workers.

List of the buildings where workers are required:

  • Sawmill — 1 worker required;
  • Stone Quarry — 1 worker required;
  • Blacksmith’s — 1 worker required;
  • Pottery — 3 workers required;
  • Packing Department — 5 workers required;
  • Milkman — 6 workers required;
  • Bakery — 6 workers required;
  • Glassblower — 7 workers required;
  • Spinning Mill — 7 workers required;
  • Furniture Factory — 9 workers required.
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