Chibi Island: Buildings guide

Buildings shop in game Chibi Island is located in the bottom right corner of the game. Here you can buy new buildings and start their construction. The higher your level, the more buildings you can build. Several buildings can only be built once, while all other buildings can be built multiple times.
There are 4 types of buildings and structures:

  • Production and special buildings produce various resources.
  • Farm buildings produce farm products.
  • Housing for your workers increases the overall number of your workers.
  • Decorative objects, their only purpose is to decorate your settlement.

Table of Contents

Production buildings interface

All production buildings share the same interface elements. For example, Sawmill:

  1. The number of workers required to produce a single item in the building.
  2. Items that the building can produce. To produce an item, drag it into one of the boxes on the production line.
  3. Production line. Only one item can be produced at a time. The rest of the items on the line are produced automatically after the previous item has been completed. Note!: You can use gems to purchase additional boxes on the production line.
  4. An item that is currently in production. After the specified time, the item is created. You can use gems to accelerate production. In this case, an item will instantly appear in your inventory.
  5. Produced items shelf. Finished items appear here after the production process is complete. Tap them to add to your inventory.

Once production is complete, the production building will display an icon with the finished items on top of it, indicating that the items are ready to be picked up.

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Farm buildings

The main difference between farm buildings and production buildings is that farm buildings have durability. Durability decreases every time you start production. The more items are produced, the more durability is reduced. When a building’s durability reaches zero, you should repair this building for a certain amount of gold.

Every time you start production in any farm building, you receive a bonus resource that you can exchange in the Altar.

You can use an hourglass to accelerate the production process in farm buildings. It can be obtained as a daily gift, as a reward in special events, or purchased with gems.

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