Suspects: Mystery Mansion – How do Meetings work and how to call a Meeting?

The goal of Meetings is to discuss who the Killers are and vote them out. Any player can call a Meeting and Vote, except for Ghosts. Meetings are the only time when everyone is allowed to speak… except for Ghosts.

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Well, Ghosts don’t speak anyway, right?

Wrong! Ghosts have their own separate voice chat with all the other Ghosts, but they can only speak during the matches. The Ghost chat is deactivated during meetings.

During the meeting, players can choose to Vote for who they think the Killer is, or to Skip the vote. If a player receives the majority of votes they are kicked out. If the majority of players skip the vote, then nobody will be kicked out.

When someone is voted out their role (Guest or Killer) may or may not be revealed. This depends on the range of IQ points the players within that match have. The higher the IQ points, the harder the game becomes, so the roles of players that are voted out may not be revealed.

How to call a Meeting?

You can call a meeting by:

  1. Ringing the bell in the Hall
  2. Reporting a dead body

Ringing the bell in the Hall has a cooldown time, meaning that meetings can’t be called as soon as the game starts as well as directly after a meeting has ended.

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