Suspects: Mystery Mansion – What can I do as a Ghost?

Guests can become a Ghost if they are killed by someone. Killers can become Ghosts if they are voted out after a meeting. So… what can you do if you are a Ghost?

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Dead Guest

Dead Guests can choose between the options below when they are killed:

  • Finishing tasks as a Ghost in order to help the Guest team: Walkthrough walls to complete the tasks assigned to you. Keep in mind that Ghosts cannot stop sabotage attempts!
  • Being a spectator for the rest of the match: Your character will move automatically as a Ghost. If you tap on the portrait of a player that is alive you’ll be able to see through that player’s perspective.

Dead Killer

Killer Ghosts cannot kill other Guests now that they’re dead. But there’s something you can do: Sabotaging! You can’t place bombs, but you can turn off the lights to manipulate other players in the match!

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