Suspects: Mystery Mansion – What can I do as a Guest?

As a Guest, the most important thing to do is to complete the tasks assigned to you. Also, don’t forget to stop the sabotage attempts as soon as possible! Each Guest receives a list of tasks they have to complete. Tasks are mini-games that are located in different mansion areas, and when other players see someone taking care of those tasks the Guest is less likely to be suspected…

While completing your tasks make sure you keep an eye out for sabotage attempts. The murdered will try to sabotage different areas of the mansion, and failing to disarm the bombs will cause the whole Mansion to explode (it means you lose).

When the Killer manages to sabotage a room all Guests will see a notification on their screens, and someone must head to that location in order to disarm the bomb.

What can I do as a Guest?

  • Complete tasks assigned to you;
  • Stop sabotages;
  • Call a Meeting and Report a Dead player
  • Vote to remove other players (during meetings, only while alive);
  • Use the Guest Book (shows who is alive);

Special Role: Detective

Inside the Guests team there may be a Detective. The Detective will also complete tasks to help win the game and they can be killed by Killers as well.
However, they have a special ability: they can Check players that are close to them and find out how many steps they took so far… and how many lives they took too!

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Checking other players can only be done while the player is close to the Detective, if the player moves away the Check will be interrupted. If the Check is successful, there’s a cooldown until the Detective can use this ability again.

How to win as a Guest?

There are two ways to win a game as a Guest. The first one is if all Guests complete all their tasks. Even if a Guest is killed by a Killer, it’s still possible to complete their tasks as a Ghost in order to help the team win the game.

The other way of winning as a Guest is by discovering and voting out the Killers. When bodies are found, or a meeting is called, players can choose to vote a player out if they strongly suspect that they are a Killer.

Depending on what the game setting is, there can be between one and three Killers in a match. Once all of the Killers are gone, the Guests win the match.

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